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toys and teddy bear

Holiday Safety: Toys and Products

17.12.2018 in Written

The holiday season is a time to enjoy with family and friends, and the team at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers wants to wish you a happy and safe holiday. As we buy gifts for our loved ones, especially the little ones, we invite you…

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Lawyers talking next to gavel

Legal Advice for Premises Liability Victims

29.11.2018 in Written

Premises liability is quite similar to slip and fall accidents except that there other things that can happen to people such as electric shock or falling items. When you encounter a premises liability case you have to realize that there are plenty of situations that…

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traffic during rush hour

Safe driving tips for Thanksgiving

06.11.2018 in Written

Travelling is often part of many people’s Thanksgiving plans, but driving places over the holidays can be dangerous. Since many people are driving home or to see relatives, the roads may be busier than usual. Heavy traffic and driving long distances can both cause problems…

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insurance adjuster inspecting car damage

Anyone can take these steps after a car accident

26.10.2018 in Written

Even if you have some experience dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you know that every situation is different. You’re sure to be shaken up, so knowing what you should and shouldn’t do in advance can work in your favor. There are many…

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kids in halloween costumes

Nine Tips for Safe Halloween

23.10.2018 in Written

Halloween is a magical time where children and adults have a night to be whoever they want to be. From the scariest witches to the bravest superheroes, characters from all movies and books go around home to home asking for delicious treats. It is a…

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man in wheelchair

Receiving emotional damages after injury or wrongful death

19.10.2018 in Written

Many individuals suffer tremendous emotional trauma due to injuries sustained in car accidents. Some families face the substantial loss of a loved one in cases of wrongful death vehicle crashes. Whether you are the individual who sustained life-threatening injuries, or you are a family member…

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woman on phone after car accident

Are women more vulnerable to car crash injuries?

12.10.2018 in Written

Car crashes can create major injury risks for vehicle occupants. But these risks may not be the same for everyone. Some groups might have especially high risks on this front. Research suggests that women might be particularly vulnerable to crash injuries. For example, a 2011…

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gavel laying on cash

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Paid in Settlements.

27.09.2018 in Written

Several automakers are paying hundreds of millions of dollars in claim settlements. Takata Airbags are prone to exploding after prolonged exposure to heat prompting a massive recall, and hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. According to Fortune Magazine, Ford has agreed to pay $299.1…

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