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Class Action

GNC store

GNC Comes To $6 Million Settlement

09.08.2019 in Class Action

GNC, the nutrition and supplement supplier found itself in hot water this year. The company was accused of having “phantom markdowns” in order to boot sales. What is a phantom markdown? It is when a company claims an item has a hyper exaggerated regular price,…

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Gavel and scales

Class Action FAQs

31.07.2019 in Class Action, Personal Injury

A class action lawsuit is an important tool within our justice system. This type of suit ensures that when businesses harm many people through their actions, the burden of filing a lawsuit is not placed on each victim’s shoulders. Class action lawsuits allow the victims…

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Chrysler World Headquarters

Fiat Chrysler May Owe You Money.

26.07.2019 in Class Action, Uncategorized

The automaker Fiat Chrysler settled a class-action lawsuit back in April for the amount of $110 million. According to court records, the lawsuit alleged that the company tried to mislead buyers and investors about the amount of pollution their diesel vehicles emitted. On top of…

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