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How To Act If You Witness An Animal Attack Someone

People have different views on animal attacks depending on how much they like or dislike animals. You might consider that animals don’t attack people unless they are provoked, or you might think that animals are the responsibility of their owners and that they shouldn’t attack people unless they are not properly cared for. Regardless of your side, animal attacks occur quite frequently here in San Antonio, especially with dogs since so many people enjoy having them as pets. Just because you don’t have a dog or you don’t see many dogs, that doesn’t mean that you won’t witness a dog attack another person.

This type of scenario is where you have a lot of responsibility. It’s important to not just ignore the situation and walk on like nothing happened. Let’s explore how you should respond if you witness an animal attack happen to another person.

Make Sure the Animal is Taken Away and the Area is Safe

Just because an animal attack is over doesn’t mean the area is completely safe. Make sure the animal is taken away before you jump in to help people out. Talk to the owner and make sure that the animal is restrained and put in a cage or behind a fence so that you don’t get hurt trying to help out. If there is no owner in the area then you should always think about your own safety so that you don’t get attacked in the process. Wait until the animal is gone or try to scare them off with loud noises.

Help Protect the Attackee and Mend Their Wounds

If the person who was attacked is lying on the ground with injuries then you want to protect them as much as you can. Create a barrier with anything you can such as a car or fence and even think about bringing them into your home or a nearby building so that they can get away from the animal. If you have a car or mode of transportation on you bring them to a hospital so that they can mend their wounds or run into your house and get a first aid kit so that you can stop the bleeding and prevent any further damage from happening.

Call the Police and Think About Acting as a Witness

Even if there isn’t an owner of the animal in the area it’s important to contact the police and report an animal attack. There’s a good chance that someone is negligent and you are the witness who will help police and personal injury lawyers figure out who is liable. If the person who was attacked by the animal plans on contacting a personal injury lawyer then you should act as a witness to provide as much information as possible about the animal attack. As injury lawyers at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, we can’t stress how often witnesses have came in handy to help win a victim’s case.

Leave us a few lines in the comments section below if you’ve ever witnessed an animal attack another human being. Tell us how you responded to this animal attack and if you have any tips for people who witness animal attacks in the future. Share your thoughts with everyone and get a conversation started.

As San Antonio animal attack lawyers, we advise that you exchange contact information with the victim of the animal attack. These types of first hand accounts of the event prove useful for the victim in court and can be verdict changing.

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