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Nissan Recalls over 450,000 Cars Over Possible Fire

November 20, 2019

The Japanese carmaker, Nissan, is recalling over 450,000 vehicles over concerns that they might catch on fire. According to the recalls, it is possible that brake fluid can leak and ignite. Because of this risk, Nissan is asking owners to park their vehicles outside, and…

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Are Indoor Trampoline Parks Dangerous?

November 20, 2019

For some kids, a trampoline park is a great way to have fun. Whether it be for a birthday celebration or just something to do to get out of the house. However, these massive bounce houses have a more dangerous side to them. Sure, most…

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texting and driving

Dangers of Texting and Driving In Texas

November 18, 2019

According to the National Highway Traffic Saftey Board, 444 people were killed in Texas due to distracted driving in 2017. With more apps and programs are fighting for our attention, using our smartphones while driving is becoming more and more common. But what are the…

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Passenger hurt in a car accident

Texas Car Accident Claims for Passengers

November 18, 2019

When it comes to car accident cases, the focus is often on the drivers of the vehicles involved. The passengers are often overlooked but are just as likely to be injured. Despite the fact that they played no role in causing the accident, car accident…

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Texas 18-Wheeler Slams into Greyhound Bus

November 15, 2019

At least six people are injured in a crash that happened in The Woodlands, Texas yesterday. The crash involving an 18-wheeler and a Greyhound tour bus on I-45 happened around 5 a.m. State Troopers investigating the crash say the rig driver was hurt in the…

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Risks of Being Hurt on a Cruise

November 14, 2019

Most people enjoy going out to sea on a cruise for a fun vacation out on the water. Commerical and other advertising for these companies shows all passengers having fun, taking advantage of all the benefits a cruise can offer. However, the one thing that…

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bad insurance

Someone Else’s Bad Auto Insurance Can Make Your Life Difficult

November 14, 2019

No one likes dealing with insurance companies. It’s often a painful experience trying to get them to pay you the money they owe. This is especially true when you’re hit by someone with poor insurance. One popular insurance company has been making headlines recently for…

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More Hospitals Are Suing Patients

November 12, 2019

With the ever-rising costs of medical care, more and more medical providers are going to lengths they refused to take before to get their money. Both non-profit and for-profit hospital systems alike are taking unpaid medical bills to the courts. Ballad, one of the biggest…

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Scene of a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Forced Off the Road? You May Have a Case.

November 12, 2019

If you’re a motorcyclist, you are probably well aware of the unique risks you face every time you get on the road. One of those risks is the possibility that you may get forced off the road by another driver. If this has happened to…

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traffic death

Texas Road Deaths are Among The Highest

November 11, 2019

Everyday since November 8, 2000, someone has been killed on a Texas road. When it comes to road deaths in big states, Texas has the second most incidents, just slightly behind Florida. This has Laura Ryan, a member of the Texas Transportation Commission saying this…

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