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wrongful death

Fatal Car Crashes Spike in Southern States

June 2, 2020

Since the implementation of “stay at home” orders, and the closing of schools, and other businesses, essential workers made up the majority of traffic. Despite fewer people on the road, this hasn’t lead to fewer accidents as one might expect. Most Southern States have seen…

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pickup trucks

How Safe are Pickup Trucks?

June 1, 2020

Pickup trucks are almost synonymous with the state of Texas. In fact, one out of every 5 trucks sold in the United States, is sold in Texas. Their ability to help with hard ranch work, open cargo bed, and hauling capability. Trucks are without a…

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car accident

Why Hiring a Lawyer After a Crash Is a Good Idea

May 27, 2020

Getting in a car crash causes so much stress on a person. Not only is there going to be property damage, but you risk getting hurt physically as well. All of this mixed in with every other stress you have to deal with on a…

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expert witness

What You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses

May 22, 2020

During a car accident case, expert witnesses may be highly valuable. They can testify on your behalf and help prove what happened and why you’ve been injured. Insurance companies will insist in court that your injures are not as bad as you claim they are,…

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Begum Law Group Made List of Top 100 Verdicts in Texas in 2019

Begum Law Group Made List of Top 100 Verdicts in Texas in 2019

May 19, 2020

Two of Begum Law Group’s attorneys personally tried cases that made the Top 100 Verdicts in Texas in 2019. We pride ourselves on being skilled and dedicated litigators. We never back down from a fight or encourage our clients to accept low settlement offers. Instead,…

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Car crash claim

Essential Steps to Winning Your Car Crash Claim

May 14, 2020

Car accident tends to be traumatic. Dealing with your injuries can be difficult enough, but most of the time you have to balance that with the issues the insurance company throws on your plate. And more often than not, what they’re offering is far below…

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trucking accident

Making Sure Evidence is Secure After Trucking Accident

May 13, 2020

15.5 million trucks transport goods across the country every year. With such a large presence, it’s not uncommon for these massive trucks to get into car crashes with passenger cars. These crashes often result in devastating injuries for those occupants of passenger cars. These injuries…

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car injuries

Signs of Injuries After a Crash

May 13, 2020

Car accidents have the potential to significantly affect your health, regardless of their severity. Even minor fender-benders can result in nagging injuries that can take months or even years to recover from. However, it can often be tough to pinpoint any indications of a serious…

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Elder abuse

Abuse of The Elderly and How to Spot it

May 8, 2020

One of the most horrifying things for children is the idea of their parents being abused. Often, people pay thousands of dollars to ensure their parents or loved ones are well taken care of in their old age. Unfortunately, people take advantage of the trust…

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business interuption insurance

What is a Business Interruption Claim?

May 5, 2020

Covid-19 has slowed down, or even closed thousands of businesses in Texas. Due to shelter in place orders, and other efforts made in the effort to slow the spread of the disease, many businesses lost out on the income they need to pay employees and…

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