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In Texas, where we enjoy long stretches of pleasant weather, riding a bike can be a healthy way to commute to and from work. It could also be a fun pastime or your daily passion. However you use your bike, you have the right to be safe on the road. When you follow the rules of the road and use safe practices, you expect the vehicle drivers around you to do the same. Unfortunately, drivers often fail to look out for cyclists and accidents follow.

If you were injured in a bicycle crash, do not hesitate to call a bike accident attorney from Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers. We are ready and prepared to thoroughly investigate the crash that led to your injuries. Our Texas vehicle accident lawyers will gather and analyze evidence to determine what happened and who was at fault. If the evidence supports that another person was negligent, we can represent you in a personal injury claim. We will strive to obtain you fair compensation for your injuries.

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Types of Bicycle Accidents We Handle

At Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers, our bicycle injury lawyers handle all manner of bike crashes, including:

Over the years, we have come to know the types of accidents that put cyclists in danger. Many vehicle drivers do not look out for bikes. They end up making left turns directly into cyclists or cause cyclists to collide with the vehicle. Many drivers pass a bike only to make a right turn right in front of them and causing a collision. We have seen vehicles merge into cyclists and push them off the road. We have seen drivers open their doors directly into the cyclists’ path.

We are well aware that many drivers simply ignore the fact that they must share the road with bikes. Unfortunately, this leads to bikers being hit by cars, getting hurt or even killed. Our lawyers for bicycle accidents are here to represent you after any crash that caused you harm.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents involving vehicles happen for various reasons. Some of the most common causes of crashes we have seen are:

You may not be sure who or what caused the accident. If you are unsure, or whether you think you know what happened, call a bicycle accident attorney to investigate. It is not enough to think you know what happened. You need evidence to prove how the crash occurred and how the other person is responsible.

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*The outcome of any individual case depends on factors unique to that case. Past case results listed on this website do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

Common Bike Injures

At Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers, we handle bicycle accident claims involving a wide range of injuries. We are here to help whether you suffered moderate injuries in a collision, or whether a crash has left you disabled. No matter your circumstances, we are here to fight for you to receive the maximum compensation possible.

Our bike injury lawyers have worked on cases involving:

Compensation for a Bike Injury

After suffering one or more injuries in a bike accident, it is important to speak with an experienced bicycle lawyer. When someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct is to blame, then you have the right to pursue compensation. A settlement or jury verdict in your favor could compensate you for your:

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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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Texas Bike Laws

When you or your children ride bikes in Texas, it is important that you are all familiar with state and local biking laws. These encompass who must wear helmets, where you can ride, required safety features for bicycles, and much more. Following an accident, Texas bike law may not be the first thing on your mind. However, if you claim another person caused the accident, then the driver may look to see if you were violating one or more laws. If you were, this could be used to claim that you were also negligent.

At Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers, we are well-versed in Texas and local bicycle laws, including:

Rules of the Road

Cyclists on the road are typically treated like any other vehicle. If you are riding your bike on a public road in Texas, you must adhere to the rules of the road.

Turn Signals

You must give hand and arm signals from the left side of your bike.

Ride to the Right

When you ride your bike on the road, Texas law requires that you ride as close to the right curb as is practicable and safe. There are common sense exceptions to this law, such as when you are passing a vehicle going the same direction, preparing to make a left turn, or when someone prevents you from doing so.

Safe Operation

Texas law requires that you ride a bike with a permanent and regular seat, and you are not allowed to carry more people on the bike than it is designed for. You should not have someone sitting on your handlebars. You must ride with at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.

Safety Features

Your bike must have brakes. Also, if you ride at night, your bike must have a white lamp on the front and a red reflector or light on the back.

Helmet Laws

Texas does not have a state-wide helmet law. In most of the state, you can ride a bike without a helmet. However, in numerous cities, it is mandatory for minors to wear a helmet while riding.

Sidewalk/Street Riding Laws

Texas does not require that you ride your bike on the street or specifically prohibit you from riding on sidewalks. However, your city or county may have a local ordinance regarding where you may ride your bike.

Vehicle Passing Laws

Texas does not have a state-wide safe passing law. However, many cities and counties have such laws. For example, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and others have enacted a three-foot safe passing requirement. This means vehicles must pass to your left and keep at least three feet between the vehicle and you.

If the driver who caused the bicycle-car accident claims you violated a local ordinance or Texas law, call our bicycle accident lawyers right away. We will thoroughly investigate the accident and determine what happened and why. We will gather evidence necessary to prove the other party’s fault and to protect you from claims of contributory negligence.

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