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Most Dangerous Roads in Laredo

The Laredo area is home to many of South Texas’ busiest highways and city streets. Our community sees hundreds of serious car wrecks every year, and those involved are often badly injured or even killed. Victims in many of these accidents can sustain serious injuries that greatly disrupt their lives.

It’s important to contact a skilled car accident lawyer if you have been hurt in a traffic collision caused by someone else. The harm you have sustained may make it impossible to return to work or school for a long time. Medical bills can quickly add up after an accident, and you still have your ordinary daily expenses. Don’t hesitate to speak with experienced legal counsel.

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Mines Road Sees The Most Deadly Accidents In Laredo

Mines Road is a very busy thoroughfare that connects central Laredo with the communities to our north. This road is unfortunately the scene of many serious wrecks, and in 2018 this included six fatalities in car accidents. Mines road has been surrounded by large areas that have seen significant construction and development over the past few decades. A result of this is that the road often experiences a lot more traffic than what was anticipated when it was designed. Some of the most dangerous aspects of Mines Road include:

  • Difficult intersections – Many small roads and parking lots require drivers to make challenging turns onto Mines Road. Furthermore, some of these turns are in areas where drivers on Mines are going around a curve and can have reduced visibility.
  • Access to Interstate 35 – Mines Road meets Interstate 35 in Laredo, and this can be a very difficult spot for drivers. Many people can be confused about using access ramps as well as how to properly adjust their speed.
  • 69W underpass – When traveling on Mines Road under 69W, drivers must be aware of access ramps as well as the intersection with Frontage Road that runs parallel to 69W.

Interstate 35 In Laredo Is The Scene Of Many Car Accidents

Many tens of thousands of vehicles use Interstate 35 in Laredo every day. The interstate is designed to host significant traffic, but it is still the scene of many serious car accidents. In 2018 there were six fatalities from wrecks on Interstate 35 in Webb County. Vehicles use large highways and interstates while driving at high rates of speed. You can be doing everything right and suddenly be hit by a negligent driver whom you cannot avoid. Some of the most dangerous scenarios about Interstate 35 in Laredo are:

  • Many large trucks – Thousands of commercial trucks drive alongside smaller passenger vehicles on Interstate 35 every day. These vehicles often have blind spots, and they can’t notice other cars until it’s too late.
  • Construction zones – Interstates constantly need significant amounts of maintenance. Reckless drivers will sometimes be going too fast through these work zones and then cause an accident.
  • Poor weather – Rain or poor visibility requires for drivers to slow down and take extra precautions. Unfortunately, many drivers on interstates fail to do this, and they cause terrible wrecks.

Texas Highway 359

This large state highway approaches central Laredo from the east. Many drivers on Texas Highway 359 fail to properly adjust their speeds as they enter commercial and residential areas. Highways are often the location of many accidents that involve one or numerous cars. You can be caught off guard by a reckless driver who is traveling at a very high rate of speed. Many accidents on Texas Highway 359 are caused by the following:

  • Drunk drivers – Hundreds of people are killed by intoxicated drivers in South Texas every year. Highways such as 359 often see drunk drivers speeding or weaving in and out of traffic in a reckless manner.
  • Head on collisions – Parts of 359 are not divided, and therefore traffic going in the opposite directions can hit each other head on. It may be impossible to avoid a car that suddenly swerves right in front of you.
  • Dangerous turns – Many left turn accidents happen on roads such as Texas Highway 359. This is due to drivers failing to properly calculate the speed of oncoming cars as they attempt a turn.

Contact The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers If You Are In An Accident In Laredo

It’s understandable for a victim of a serious auto wreck to be uncertain about what steps to take after their accident. The injuries suffered in car accidents can be catastrophic, and the insurance companies will fight hard to prevent paying out a large settlement. It’s important that you seek medical attention immediately after your accident. The injuries you sustain can get worse if not properly treated. Many injured victims experienced chronic pain and limitations for the rest of their lives after a terrible accident. After getting emergency help, we strongly encourage you to call a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Recovering the damages you deserve requires building a strong case for the other party’s negligence.

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