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Top 5 Common Slip and Fall Injuries

It can happen to anyone. You misplace your foot or hit a patch of ice and your feet slip out from under you. A hard fall to the ground can jar your entire body and cause serious injuries. There are some injuries that are more common with slip, trip, and fall accidents.

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According to the Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), here are the top 5 injuries that result from slips, trips, and falls:

1. Sprains and Strains

When you slip or trip, you naturally brace yourself against the inevitable fall. That tensing of muscles as well as any impact from the fall can lead to a sprain or strain. This often happens to knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, backs, and shoulders.

Treatment for sprains and strains often involves stabilization of the appendage or body part so you cannot move and further damage the muscles or ligaments. Sometimes a hard boot, ace bandage, or other stabilization device will be used. Urgent care centers, your primary care physician, and even emergency doctors can help with your sprain or strain.

2. Bruises and Contusions

Soft tissue injuries, such as bruises and contusions, often happen during the impact of the fall. They may occur anywhere on the body that had impact with the floor or another hard surface during the accident.

They can be painful and last for days, weeks, or longer; however, they often do not require emergency medical treatment. Usually, over the counter medications like Ibuprofen and Tylenol can be used for minor soft tissue injuries. However, if you have a bleeding condition or other illness that puts you at a high risk for complications, you should consult a doctor.

3. Fractures

If you slip or trip and fall down hard, you may experience a bone fracture. Broken bones are common in the legs, arms, hips, and even back regions. Signs of a broken bone include severe pain, inability to move the body part, and bruising at the site.

Broken bones should be treated by emergency medical treatment as quickly as possible so further damage does not occur. Serious fractures can impede blood flow and cause nerve damage.

4. Abrasions and Lacerations

When you fall and land on something hard, you can sustain abrasions and lacerations. Abrasions are wounds where the first lawyer of skin is scraped or rubbed off. Lacerations are cuts in the skin. Either of these can become major issues if they cover a large area of the body or become infected.

Abrasions can usually be treated at work or home with over the counter antiseptic, creams, and band aids or gauze. Minor lacerations may be treated at home; however, for deeper or major lacerations stitches or staples may be needed.

5. Concussions or Traumatic Brain Injury

OSHA reported that head injuries are common with slips, trips, and falls. That includes mild, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which are sometimes called concussions. Concussions are actually a symptom of a TBI that may involve dizziness, confusion, or even loss of consciousness.

Any time your head is injured, you should get emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. TBIs can have symptoms you don’t even realize and may impact your life in the long-term.

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