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Tragic truck accidents are on the rise in Texas

September 15, 2016

Operating a motor vehicle is a task performed so regularly that it is taken for granted. Climb in, fasten your seat belt, turn the key, press the gas and away you go. Sometimes, drivers forget that they are operating heavy machines that are traveling at…

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How to Respond if You Witness a Spinal Cord Injury

May 26, 2016

Spinal cord injuries often occur when people are in severe car accidents or when young men or women are playing in a high contact sport. The problem with spinal cord injuries is that you don’t want to move the person because you might actually cause…

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Should You Get Paid For Your Slip and Fall Accident

May 5, 2016

Many Americans don’t like the idea of slip and fall accidents, because you can technically fake a slip and fall accident and then waste taxpayer money by bringing it to court. You also might slip and fall and a lot of people consider this your…

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How To Tell Your Lawyer After A Boating Accident

April 20, 2016

Boats are fun for spending time with friends and family and experiencing the outdoors in a way that you couldn’t in a car or other vehicle. Unfortunately, both also have many hazards that go overlooked before taking to the waters. You can also assume that…

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The First Steps After A Truck Accident

April 5, 2016

While you may do everything possible to avoid getting into a wreck, accidents still happen. Often, they occur within the blink of an eye! When you are in a truck accident, there are certain things you may want to know, especially if it involves a…

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Unique Ways To Avoid An Animal Attack

March 2, 2016

Everyone is afraid of animal attacks. You may be an animal lover, but it can be quite scary if your dog or other animal turns on you when you least expect it. People experience animal tax from dogs most of the time, because humans like…

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The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

February 26, 2016

Personal injury cases are a dime a dozen, affecting every US state on a daily basis. In whichever state you live in, every passing day will mean another injury or death that leads to a personal injury case file. There are so many because there…

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