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GNC Comes To $6 Million Settlement

August 9, 2019

GNC, the nutrition and supplement supplier found itself in hot water this year. The company was accused of having “phantom markdowns” in order to boot sales. What is a phantom markdown? It is when a company claims an item has a hyper exaggerated regular price,…

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American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Banking

American Airlines Asks Judge to Throw Out Case

August 8, 2019

The Texas-based airline, American Airlines, is being sued by a Pennsylvanian couple. According to Faina Pesenson, the plaintiff, an American Airlines employee tripped and fell on her. The suit explains that the employee Asia Campbell, walked the jet bridge in such a manner so as…

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Child climbing on unanchored furniture

Dangers of Unanchored Furniture

August 7, 2019

Every day, unanchored furniture injures people throughout the country. In fact, Consumer Reports discovered that unanchored furniture causes an injury every 17 minutes. While furniture that is not secured to the wall can be hazardous to just about anyone, it is particularly dangerous for children…

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CVS Sued Due to Eye Drop and Ear Drop Mix-Up

August 7, 2019

Sometime last month, The Walker family went to a CVS to fill a prescription for eye drops. According to the Lawsuit, the Walkers were given ear drops instead. Due to this mix-up, Mr. Walker was temporarily blinded for an unspecified amount of time and permanently…

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A large number of new electric buses parked in the parking lot

Women Locked In Luggage Compartment By Bus Driver

August 6, 2019

This past Sunday, a bus driver was arrested after she locked a bus passenger in the luggage compartment on a moving bus. Police in Connecticut received a call from a woman claiming she had been locked in the luggage compartment of the bus she was…

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Credit and Debit Cards

Lawsuits Against Capital One are Underway.

August 5, 2019

Just a few days after Capital One announced they were victims of a hack that stole over 100 million peoples information, law firms have already started to file class-action lawsuits against the company. Firms are filing suits claiming to represent everyone who has been affected…

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Senior woman sitting on the wheelchair alone

Texas Nursing Homes Are Some of The Worst In The Nation

August 2, 2019

According to a Government database, Texas has one of the worst ratted nursing homes in the country. With over 51% of the states nursing homes getting less than two stars out of five. The website, which is run by medicare, shows the results of nursing…

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workers' compensation

Class Action FAQs

July 31, 2019

A class action lawsuit is an important tool within our justice system. This type of suit ensures that when businesses harm many people through their actions, the burden of filing a lawsuit is not placed on each victim’s shoulders. Class action lawsuits allow the victims…

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Credit and Debit Cards

Another Data Breach Affects 100 million Customers

July 30, 2019

Yesterday, 7/29/2019 Capital One released a statement saying that more than 100 million individuals had personal data leaked. This information that was compromised was mostly bank accounts and Social Security numbers. It should be important to note than this is in the top 10 largest…

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Child found pistol in drawer at home.

Texas Leads the Country in Unintentional Shootings by Children.

July 29, 2019

The year is just halfway over with and already, there have been 22 shootings involving children using an unsecured firearm. Two of these incidents happened in San Antonio. This increase of gun owner irresponsibility have people calling for gun safety measures. Some parents are even…

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