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Juul Sued For Wrongful Death of Teen

This Tuesday, the popular e-cigarette company, Juul was hit with the industry’s first-ever wrongful death lawsuit. The family of an 18-year-old who died, claims his use of Juul products killed him in his sleep this past August. The victim’s family says that Juul Labs took advantage of the limited regulations for their products to make smoking more attractive to teens. By using fruity flavors, and nicotine, the company convinced a generation of teens, who have had the lowest rates of smoking, to start vaping. Nicotine is an extremely addictive chemical and can damage the brains of young people who are still developing.

David Wakefield, the victim, was hospitalized at St. Joseph’s North Children’s Hosptial three days before his death. He was having issues breathing, and developed lung complications. His body was discovered by his family early in the morning on August 31st. According to the suit, his breathing complications caused his death. David’s mother says that her son was first exposed to Juul’s marketing when he was 15. She claims the sleek design, sweet flavors, and the misrepresentation that it was healthier than traditional cigarettes is what convinced him to start vaping. David never smoked combustible cigarettes before. However, Juul’s marketing made it seem as if vaping was perfectly fine, and posed no risks.

David is not the only person who has been affected by the harms of vaping. So far, over 1,299 people have become seriously ill from vaping. 26 others have been killed from e-cigarettes. Earlier this month, many other lawsuits alleging that Juul illegally marketed its products to teens and downplayed the risks of nicotine addiction have been filed in California federal court.

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