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How Do Courts Define “Pain and Suffering?”

February 24, 2021   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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In a personal injury case, most people are familiar with economic damages. Its the bills and expenses you had to pay as a result of your particular incident. For example, in a car crash, you might have medical bills or the money needed to repair your car. Economic damages are typically easy to define and have a simple price tag associated with them. However, non-economic damages are a little different. The most common non-economic damages claimed is what is “pain and suffering.”

What Is Pain and Suffering?

In Texas, pain and suffering is often defined as physical pain or emotional trauma that incurred as a result of a crash or incident that caused you damages. Pain and suffering specifically define both physical and mental diagnoses. While you would expect the medical bills associated with something like a broken arm would be paid for, you also deserve to be compensated for the physical pain you endured from the broken arm. The same rules apply to mental conditions. If you were diagnosed with PTSD after a serious car crash, or your injuries had lead to a loss of quality in life, you deserve to be compensated for that as well.

Quantifing the Qualitative.

While the price of your car has a more exact dollar amount associated with it, it’s hard to put a price on the trauma you have suffered. There isn’t an exact science when it comes to picking a dollar amount for pain and suffering. Often the Judge assigned to your case will examine the facts of the case. This could include how severe your injury is, or how the incident has affected your everyday life.

An experienced personal injury attorney will have a better idea of what is owed to you after getting the details of your case. Personal injury attorneys deal with these types of cases daily. They have the knowledge to accurately determine the damages owed to you. Getting a personal injury attorney will help your case move along, and you’ll have a better chance of getting the money you deserve.

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