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NY Gov. Calls on Legislative Vape Ban

After executive orders, banning the sale of flavored vapes have come under attack in the courts, Gov. Cuomo says that a successful ban on vape products will have to come from a legislative effort. During a conference of Northeastern state leaders, Cuomo said that many states shared the same interests when it comes to flavored vapes. However, when other states tried to implement bans on these products, they run into similar obstacles. “The only question is whether or not we did it by executive order or public health decree or legislation. We did it in this state by public health emergency order, and we got sued. So, ultimately, I think all of this has to be in legislation,” said Cuomo.

These comments came two days after a state judge in Michigan enjoined the state’s ability to enforce a ban on vapes, citing that it would significantly hurt vaping businesses. Similar actions happened in New York and Massachusetts, which also banned THC vapes with flavored vapes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been 1,479 cases of lung injuries connected to vape use. The majority of the victims claim to have been vaping THC, the active chemical in marijuana. However, the cause of these lung illnesses still has not been determined.

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