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FTC Demands Ad Data From Vaping Cos.

Six different vape manufacturers have till January 2nd to hand over the data they have on their marketing, sales, and promotional events. The Federal Trade Commission announced on Thursday that they are requiring these six companies to hand over data for the past four years, in response to the growing number of respiratory issues believed to be caused by vaping. Juul, R.J Renolds Vapor, Fontem U.S, Logic Technology Development, Nu-Mark and NJOY all have to hand over all information relating to sales and marketing.

The FTC is now joining the FDA in sending warning letters to e-cigarette companies. Concerns over their marketing to children are growing and action needs to be taken to stop underage use of tobacco products. On top of this, federal regulators have also had to warn several companies about claiming their product is safer than cigarettes. So far, there is no proof to back up this claim. While the FDA and FTC are on the front lines of this battle, this hasn’t stop Congress from acting. One congressman threatened to subpoena Juul if they do not produce a full list of schools they visited, to market their product to teens.

As of October first, over 1,000 people have been diagnosed with some illness related to vaping, and as many as 18 have been killed. This is all according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In response to this, the Trump administration is working on a ban of all non-tobacco flavored vape products. Some states have already moved ahead of the president, and have had their health departments place bans on a long list of different vape products. Some of these bans included THC products, and seek to stop vaping altogether until the root cause of these issues is found.

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