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car crash with man and woman exchanging information

5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

October 1, 2020

Car accidents can be confusing. You may have been seriously injured, the facts may be fuzzy in your memory, and insurance companies may be calling you already. Don’t let your uncertainty lead to a mistake that will cost you thousands in your personal injury claim….

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motorcycle accident

The Risks of Motorcycle Crashes in Texas

October 1, 2020

Traveling by motorcycle can offer many benefits, such as cheaper and more economical transportation. There’s also a great community of bikers that an enthusiast can join. Whether it be going to a biker rally in the Texas Hill Country, or going on a ride with…

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Car smashed into the back of a truck

Responding to Trucking Crashes

September 29, 2020

18 wheelers are huge pieces of equipment that travel along the roads of America to bring people all sorts of goods. Most people who operate 18 wheelers are hard-working Americans who provide a valuable service to the country by bringing items all over the place….

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card pumpkins and halloween decorations

Halloween During COVID-19

September 28, 2020

Halloween one of the best times for kids and adults alike to kick back and have some fun. Whether it be costume parties or trick-or-treating, Halloween can be fun for everyone! Unfortunately, with the risk of COVID, Halloween has to be a little different this…

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Law gavel and stethoscope

Avoiding and Dealing With Workplace Injuries

September 17, 2020

Getting hurt on the job is a serious matter. If your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, you may be eligible for benefits. This can include paid medical care, and leave. However, in Texas, it is not required for a business to have workers’ compensation insurance….

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Big rig 18-wheeler semi-truck motion blur

Understanding Trucking Accidents with Hazardous Materials

September 15, 2020

All personal injury attorneys know that accidents with 18-wheelers are extremely serious and handle them differently than normal passenger vehicle crashes. Truck drivers have to follow different laws and rules when on the road, which makes them all the more complicated. But what if an…

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