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Proving Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are all too common. If someone failed to act with reasonable care, and it resulted in you sustaining a TBI, you could be entitled to compensation. However, to pursue any kind of payout, you’ll have to prove that you did indeed sustain a TBI. Brain damage tends to be extremely complex. Demonstrating that you have a TBI could be a challenge. Luckily, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. Seasoned professionals have access to professionals that specialize in these injuries, making it easy to build your claim. However, proving you have a TBI is only half the battle. Your lawyer will also help you devise a strategy to prove that your TBI is linked to the accident in question. But what evidence does this include?

Medical Records

Medical records can be one of the most important documents in proving your case. This is why attorneys urge clients to seek medical treatment after an accident. Not only is your health the most important thing to take care of, but the diagnosis of an expert right after an accident can also help link the injury to the incident in question. While you might undergo tests and treatments in the days to come, the initial medical logs could prove invaluable when it comes to demonstrating causation. This could include diagnostic images. Depending on the type, extent, and location of your TBI, it could appear on diagnostic images such as MRIs and CT scans.

Journal Entries and Statement from Family or Friends

Personal injury attorneys often advise accident victims to start keeping a journal of some kind as soon as possible. Detailed entries about the ways your TBI is affecting your everyday life. This will strengthen your claim. The journal can also help to record your recovery. Make a note of every appointment and treatment. You can give a brief description of what happened, which can help put context to your medical records.

Testimony from the ones you know you best can help highlight the ways the injury has impacted your life. Friends, family, and colleagues can speak on the changes they noticed in your personality since you were hurt.

Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer for Help

Brain injuries, no matter the severity of the condition, can affect your life in many ways. They can impact your ability to work, go to school, and care for your family. If you or a loved one has been left with a TBI following a personal injury accident, contact Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers right away. We can evaluate your case and ensure your rights remain protected. Contact us today at (866) 523-4167, or reach out via our online form to schedule a free, initial evaluation of your case with The Law Giant.

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