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Why Can’t I Find a Lawyer To Take My Case?

If you were in a crash or some other incident caused by someone else’s negligence is the root of what happened, you probably want to hire a lawyer. But what happens if no lawyer wants to handle your case? If the first lawyer or two you’ve reached out to declined to take you as a client, are you out of options? Not quite. There could be a few reasons why a lawyer did not take your case. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Why Did They Decline?

The best way to gauge if you still have options is to consider why an attorney declined to take your case. If you’re not sure why you can simply ask. Most lawyers will be upfront with their reasons for not taking your case. Most of the time is that the lawyer simply does not have the time. Smaller personal injury offices have a limited capacity of what they can handle. It’s the best for both you and the lawyer. You don’t want a lawyer who is scrambling to get your case together, and the lawyer wouldn’t want to disappoint a client.

Lawyers also turn down cases where there is little or no chance of winning. If a lawyer files a claim that he or she knows has no merit, they could face legal consequences, including paying for the defense team’s legal costs. An example of this is trying to file a suit on a case that is past the statute of limitations. In Texas, you have two years from the day of the incident or two years after discovering the damages to file a suit.

Is Your Lawyer, The Right Lawyer?

However, sometimes your case could have merit, but the lawyer just doesn’t see a way it could win. Personal injury lawyers usually only get paid if you win your case. In the meantime, the lawyer has to fund the case themselves. All the money they spent would disappear if they couldn’t win your case. This is also true if the possible payout is too low. If the expenses they would have to pay to win your case outweigh the possible winnings, they probably won’t take your case.

Sometimes your case might not actually fall into the category of “personal injury.” If your case involves product liability or workers’ compensation, your lawyer might not be able to handle the case simply because they don’t have the experience need. No matter the reason, you should reach out to a few different lawyers and hear them out before moving forward with a case.

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