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When You Wait Too Long To Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you recently bitten by a dog, or walk in a restaurant and you slipped and fell on some grease while walking next to the kitchen? These are all instances of negligence on another parties part. If these things happened to you it’s essential that you call a personal injury attorney in San Antonio as soon as possible. Too many people wait because they feel like suing someone isn’t a noble thing or they simply don’t know that they are eligible for damages after an instance like this.

Once you wait you lose the chance of gaining compensation for your damages. Since timing is key you’ll want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and get everything squared away before the negligent party skips town, or puts together a team of lawyers who will ensure that you don’t receive any compensation for your damages.

Let’s take a look at the downsides of not calling a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

You Might Miss Out On Your Damages

Since timing is everything when it comes a personal injury law, you’ll want to contact a lawyer soon as possible right after an accident. If you hurt your neck during a football game it’s essential to go to hospital, but immediately after that you should go to a lawyer and speak with them about the problem. If you wait too long and there’s a good chance that you won’t get compensated for your medical bills or any other damages that occurred. So if you get in a car accident, you won’t get paid for the dents and dings in your vehicle. Make sure to contact a San Antonio personal injury or car accident lawyer quickly.

You Might Have to Go Through A Gruesome Legal Battle

Let’s say that you get into a trucking accident where a semi truck blindsides your vehicle and puts you in the hospital. In this case the trucker most likely works for a large corporation, and that company will put together a large team of legal professionals to make sure you don’t receive a dime in compensation. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer they might convince you to sign a document keeping you from your justified compensation, or you could find yourself in a gruesome legal battle in court. The point of calling a personal injury lawyer is to settle outside of court. Once you get into court it becomes more expensive and more tedious for everyone.

Let us know in a comments section if you have any questions about personal injury lawyers. Have you ever experienced an injury and you didn’t go to a lawyer immediately? Tell us about your experiences below and we will try to answer as many questions as we can. It’s your job to get started, but our San Antonio personal injury attorneys can help you along the way.

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