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Accidents involving commercial trucks or tractor-trailers can be physically and financially devastating. Large trucks are capable of causing far more damage than passenger vehicles, and victims of crashes are often left with massive medical debt and lost income. If you have been hurt in an accident, learn more about common insurance issues after a truck accident and how an attorney can help you navigate the insurance claims process.

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Multiple Insurance Providers

In a crash involving two passenger vehicles, each driver is likely protected by a single insurance policy. When you are hit by a commercial truck, you could be left negotiating with multiple insurance providers.

The cab of the truck may be under one policy, while the trailer is covered by another company. The contents of the truck could be protected by yet another insurance provider. The company employing the truck driver may have their own liability policy.

While this may seem like you have more options for recovering compensation, the truth is that there are more companies doing their best to pay you as little as possible. They will point fingers at one another and try to confuse liability, or who is responsible.

Determining Fault and Figuring Out Who Is Liable

Insurance companies struggle to establish liability in a truck accident. Even if it is clear that the fault lies on the truck driver’s side, companies will still fight amongst themselves about which company should pay for damages or how much each company should pay out.

The driver’s insurance might argue that a faulty part is to blame for the accident, while the manufacturer might point the finger at the company’s spotty maintenance records.

These liability disputes can drag out a case indefinitely. You need an advocate whose only interest is protecting you and figuring out the facts behind an accident.

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Large Legal Teams Protecting the Other Driver

A trucking company moves into action promptly after an accident. You may even see adjusters, investigators, and attorneys respond to the scene of the crash.

Companies often have hundreds of thousands of dollars in coverage, and they usually hire large legal teams to protect against payouts.

If you try to defend yourself and fight for fair compensation against a team of lawyers, you are unlikely to be successful on your own. Your attorney can help you avoid common insurance issues after a truck accident and fight for a favorable outcome.

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Pressure to Settle Quickly

The more time an individual has to investigate a truck accident, the more damage they are likely to uncover. That is why insurance companies push for an early settlement. They know that if they get to you right away, they are more likely to talk you into accepting an insultingly low settlement.

If you have time to talk to an attorney or truly assess the damage caused by an accident, you are far less likely to accept their first offer. Do not be surprised if you get persistent phone calls from a company immediately after an accident. Pressure from adjusters is one of the most common insurance issues in truck accident cases.

Evidence Gets Lost Over Time

On one hand, there is a substantial amount of evidence available after a truck crash. The black box, dash cam, truck logs, tire tracks on the road, and eyewitnesses can all strengthen your case. On the other hand, evidence quickly deteriorates or gets lost if you wait too long to investigate an accident.

From the start, drivers have investigators on their side, spinning the evidence in their favor. You need an attorney who will provide a fair and unbiased interpretation of the evidence.