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Precautions to take with Children in Car

December 5, 2014

In a recent report, a woman ran into a car while driving in San Antonio, killing the driver of the car she hit and ejecting a 7 year old child from the car. The child was sitting in the car that she hit, and it’s possible that the woman gets charged with some form of manslaughter.

It’s currently unclear as to whether or not the woman was driving while intoxicated or if she was too tired to sleep. Regardless, the young boy was found with terrible injuries and sent to the local hospital where he eventually died. This brings up many questions about driving on a road in San Antonio, but this is obviously something that occurs anywhere in the country. The main point is that both the driver and boy were killed in the crash, leaving relatives or friends to try and figure out if they can get some sort of compensation for the negligence that occurred.

The first area to start is to call a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, but obviously since the driver is dead he can’t make the call, so any other people are going to have to step in and try to find justice for the deaths.

Unfortunately things like this have to happen for use to talk about safety, so let’s explore some ways to keep your kids safe before and during car accidents.

Always Put Your Kids in the Back Seat and Have Them Buckle Up

The back seat is always better than having your kids sit in the front, but sometimes problems still occur in the backseat. Show your kids how to buckle up and protect themselves from problems on the road.

Consider Car Seats for Young Children

Sometimes you start thinking that a car seat is no longer needed, but they still make larger car seat for young children who seem to outgrow their toddler seats. Think about installing one of these seats that a horrible San Antonio car accident like this won’t happen.

Talk to Your Kids About Car Safety before Getting in the Car

When something like this happens it’s important to speak with your kids about how they should prepare for and respond to a car accident. If they know how to get out of a car after a car accident then they should be much better off than if not.

It’s also wise to show them how to buckle up their seat belt and even instruct other people to buckle up when they get in a car with them.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have any questions about drunk driving in general. If you have been in a drunk driving accident, how did you respond? Do you know anyone who has been killed in a drunk driving accident? Did you call a San Antonio personal injury lawyer to find justice for the negligence?

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