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Capital One Hacker May Have Hacked Other Entities

Paige Thompson, the women charged with stealing millions of clients’ information from Capital One, may have hacked other companies as well. During the prosecutors filing in federal court Wednesday, the government claims that Mrs. Thompson targeted 30 other companies and entities. Apparently, the stolen data from the other 30 unnamed entities had no personal identifying information stolen. However, the government is still going through the evidence, so this may change. So far, the government has no reason to believe that Mrs. Thompson sold the information she obtained illegally.

Capital One has since been facing a number of suits relating to the breach. Which is not surprising given that this is one of the largest data hacks ever. On top of this, members of Congress are calling on Amazon to answer some questions. Amazon was contacted by Capital One to store its data on its cloud servers. This is how Thompson gained access. The former software engineer worked for Amazon and took advantage of her position to steal data. However, how this exactly happened is unknown to the general public.

Prosecutors are arguing for Thompson’s detention as well. They cite that she is obviously a technological danger, but also might be a physical danger as well. Her roommate, whos room Thompson had access too, had a whole arsenal of weapons. This is according to the authorities that searched Thompson’s house after her arrest. Also, they claim she is a flight risk since she is no longer welcomed at the home she has been staying at.

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