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Don’t wait to build a claim after a car accident injury

Surviving a car accident can feel like a combination of relief and stress -- at the same time. On one hand, even if you have significant injuries, you still have the opportunity to make a recovery, but, on the other hand, the path to recovery is often long and difficult, and full of potential pitfalls and complications.

If you experienced a car accident and suffered injuries, you may be scrambling to file your injury claim as quickly as you can, and it is good to make this a priority. However, it does you little good to file a weak claim that is easy for the other party to dispute or refuse to pay. To obtain full compensation for your losses and suffering, it is wiser to build a strong claim, founded on as much detailed evidence as you can gather.

4 ways to identify a distracted driver

How many times have you driven down Highway 281 or I-10 on your way or from work and seen someone multitasking behind the wheel? San Antonio, like most other cities, has plenty of distracted drivers on the road at any time of the day. Unfortunately, most people think that they can easily send a text message while driving 70 miles per hour down the highway. However, those few seconds it takes to send a text, check an incoming message or simply change the thermostat settings in the car, can be the time it takes for an accident to occur.

Avoiding negligent drivers is probably a daily occurrence during your commute. The following tips can help you identify a distracted driver before you become involved in a car wreck.

Exhaustion can play a role in Texas commercial truck crashes

Getting behind the wheel when you feel tired is usually a big mistake. Exhaustion can impact your reaction time, as well as your ability to focus on the task at hand. When you are tired, your risk for a crash increases. That fact makes it particularly concerning that so many truck drivers choose to drive longer than they should. Even with the migration to electronic logging devices to track trucker activity, many commercial drivers and trucking companies are still trying to manipulate and game the system.

Exhausted truck drivers are a common risk factor, and they put everyone at risk. Large commercial trucks can cause catastrophic damages to property and life-altering or life-ending injuries to occupants in vehicles. They are so much bigger and heavier than passenger vehicles that people in the smaller vehicle almost always end up suffering injuries, while the commercial driver stays safe. Preventing these collisions is critical to the safety of everyone on the road.

3 delayed injuries that could impact your health after a crash

As a victim of a crash, you know that the accident scene can be quite chaotic. People may be yelling or hurt, others may be in a frenzy trying to help you or others. In all the rush and stress at the scene, you may not have noticed some of the injuries you suffered. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, it's possible some of those injuries won't begin to bother you for a day or two.

One thing to remember is to monitor your health in the days following a crash. You can still report your injuries and make a claim, even if the injuries appear hours or days following a collision. Here are a few common signs of injury that may be delayed.

Make sure your settlement offer is reasonable after a crash

Millions of people across Texas travel in personal vehicles every day. The vast majority of them make it to their destinations without any real issues, but a few end up in crashes or collisions. Some of those people end up suffering serious injuries, while others can die as a result of a traffic accident.

If you've been paying your insurance premium on time for years and have never had a major claim, you may expect your insurance company to take good care of you. That could be a mistake that could cost you many thousands of dollars in the wake of your accident caused by another driver.

What to expect in truck accident settlements

Being involved in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience that can result in serious physical injuries, mental trauma and financial damages. In many instances, victims of truck accidents will opt to file a claim for damages to recoup some of their losses. In cases such as these, it is important to concentrate on making full recoveries as well as pursing legal claims.

After a truck accident that caused an injury to a victim, the victim can decide to file a personal injury lawsuit in the civil courts. Either the case will settle, or if the plaintiff prevails, a legal judgment of damages will be awarded in court by the presiding judge or a jury. It's frequently possible for the two parties to reach a mutual decision to settle. If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, it is important that you understand how the settlement process works.

Insurance Denial After a Flood

The Rio Grande Valley floods of the past few days have left damages in homes and business across the area. If you were one of the many Valley residents whose property suffered damage due to the recent storms, an experienced Texas Insurance Coverage Lawyer may be able to assist? After emergencies such as the floods of the past days, people need immediate claims assistance. If your property damage claim is denied or delayed, give us a call for a free consultation.

Car accident injuries can be widespread

Obviously, there are many reasons why you never want to be part of a car accident. Not only can it damage your vehicle, but it can result in a variety of serious injuries that have the potential to change your life forever.

It's important to always remember that car accident injuries can be widespread. In other words, depending on the type of accident, you could suffer more than one type of injury.

Rush hour is a dangerous time of the day

Do you live in or around the San Antonio area? If so, there's a good chance you're familiar with the rush hour traffic that often bogs down the local roadways.

While some people are fortunate enough to avoid rush hour most days, others find that sitting in traffic is a big part of their lives.

Commercial truck liability and jackknifed trailer accidents

When a commercial truck hauling a trailer jackknifes, the damage is often enormous. A single truck and trailer that jackknifes out of control can crush many other smaller vehicles or send them flying into other lanes of traffic and nearby obstacles. On the highways and interstates, jackknifed trucks often cause death or serious injury to others, as well as immense property damage.

If you recently experienced an accident involving a jackknifed truck and trailer, you understandably have some concerns about who will ultimately pay for your medical expenses and compensate you for other losses you suffer in the accident -- like wages from a job you cannot work -- or bodily function lost because of injuries. 

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