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5 factors that contribute to semitruck accidents

November 30, 2016

Almost everywhere you go, you see semitrucks on the roads. You might not think anything about traveling next to these large trucks, but these trucks are akin to deadly weapons because when they aren’t maintained and handled properly, they can cause accidents that injure or kill. Here are five factors that can contribute to semitruck accidents.

Trucker fatigue

Trucker fatigue is a huge problem, which is one reason why the federal government has instituted the Hours of Service regulations for many truckers. These regulations dictate how long truckers can work before they must take time off. This doesn’t do anything to help some of the other factors that can lead to trucker fatigue, including driving at night or having a medical condition that increases fatigue.

Improperly secured loads

Semitrucks can carry very heavy loads. If these loads aren’t properly secured, they can become projectiles. Truckers should secure loads in ways that will keep those loads stationary while the truck turns and handles common driving maneuvers. In some cases, such as tankers, securing the load isn’t possible. This means that truckers have to be sure that they are driving in a safe manner that includes taking the sloshing of the liquid into account as they drive.

Distracted truckers

Just as distractions can lead to drivers of automobiles having accidents, distractions can lead to truckers having accidents. Truckers shouldn’t use cellphones to make calls or text if they have to use their hands. They should also avoid eating and doing anything else that will require them to take their eyes or focus off the roadway.

Faulty components

Semitrucks rely on components that are part of the truck to operate in a safe manner. When the components of the semitruck or trailer fail because they were faulty, accidents can happen. Think about the devastating accidents that could occur if a semitruck has a faulty braking system or if the hitch fails and the trailer comes off the semitruck. If a component wasn’t faulty but had not been maintained or installed properly, accidents can also occur.

Trucking company policies

The policies of a trucking company, such as tight delivery promises, can lead truckers to drive in an unsafe manner. Truckers might try to hurry to make those deadlines, which can lead them to speed. In some cases, truckers might end up violating federal regulations in an effort to make deadlines for deliveries.

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