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Truck Driver Negligence 

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It stands to reason that operators of enormous vehicles need to be more alert and responsible than drivers of much smaller cars and trucks. Unfortunately, many serious and fatal truck accidents are caused by truck drivers who are tired and negligent.

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When Truck Drivers Wreak Havoc

In the transportation industry, cost-cutting measures can be deadly, causing injuries and fatalities that change families and affect communities. When trucking companies neglect their responsibility for their drivers by allowing them to be overworked and exhausted, they should and can be held accountable.

If you and your family have experienced serious injuries caused by the actions of a truck driver or the negligence of a trucking company, please talk to us.

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Our Attorneys Represent People Who Were Injured Through Trucking Negligence

At The Begum Law Group, a service-oriented law firm, we handle cases involving:

  • Fatigue and stimulant use among commercial drivers
  • Drivers and trucking companies forging logs to get around federal regulations that govern the number of hours they can drive
  • A trucking company’s failure to have maintenance protocols in place
  • An owner’s or owner/operator’s negligence in basic vehicle maintenance
  • Serious mechanical and equipment failures, including wheel and tire failure on 18-wheelers
  • Distracted driving and truckers sleeping at the wheel
  • Brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord damage and other catastrophic injuries

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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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