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Where To Find Minute by Minute Car Accident Information in San Antonio

February 12, 2021   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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When you’re driving through San Antonio, you need to know what lies ahead. Don’t risk getting stuck in traffic or a potentially dangerous situation. You need up-to-date car accident information. Read below to learn where you can find it.

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KSAT – Your Traffic Authority

The KSAT website offers maps with information about inbound and outbound traffic. The maps identify highways, including I-10 and I-35. They also indicate the level of traffic with colors. Green moving traffic means the roadway is clear and moving smoothly. Red indicates there is traffic and might be a wreck.


Waze is a free mobile app that allows you to set a course and see the traffic along your route in real-time. The app will also reroute you if a crash occurs ahead of you so that you can avoid it.

Waze utilizes reports from a network of thousands of people across the San Antonio area to create an overview of traffic along highways and smaller roads. You can see information about crashes, road debris, weather, construction, and even where police are stationed. – Traffic and Accidents is a website that tracks traffic and accidents throughout the United States. The San Antonio map uses traffic cameras, DOT reports, traffic news, and a live chat room to inform the city’s current traffic conditions.

The San Antonio map indicates where construction is located, which roads are closed, and how bad traffic is on main highways. Navbug uses a color-coded system to indicate the severity of traffic. Green indicates traffic is flowing smoothly, while yellow means it is slowing. Red indicates stopped or nearly stopped traffic.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a mobile app that allows you to plan a route and see traffic ahead of time. If a crash happens ahead of you somewhere, you can plan and reroute yourself. You can also select to avoid significant highways or toll roads with Google Maps.

You can also use Google Maps to find restaurants, gas stations, and other locations throughout San Antonio. If you are looking for a specific location or only know the general type of place you’re trying to find, Google Maps can help you find it.

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