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Why You Should Go to a Trauma Center After a Car Crash

If you are seriously injured after a car crash, visiting a trauma center as soon as possible can make all the difference in your recovery. Trauma centers are uniquely qualified to treat emergency medical conditions, making them advantageous following a major car accident.

Texas has over 300 designated trauma centers.

What Kind of Treatment Does a Texas Trauma Center Offer?

Specialists at trauma centers will provide optimal care based on your level of need. There are four levels of trauma centers across all major cities in Texas: Level I Comprehensive, Level II Major, Level III Advanced, and Level IV Basic.

The different trauma center levels have various resources and offer varying care levels.

Level I Trauma Center

Level I Comprehensive Trauma Facilities provide the highest level of care for patients in critical condition. They cover every aspect of an injury, from prevention through rehabilitation.

There is 24/7 in-house coverage of general surgeons and complete services from specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and plastic surgeons.

Level II Trauma Center

Level II Major Trauma Facilities treat most injuries, but there are some exceptions to the resources they can provide, including cardiac surgery, hemodialysis, and microvascular surgery. However, they can refer patients to a Level I facility for types of care unavailable at the Level II center while still offering many of the same resources. Like Level I trauma centers, there is 24-hour immediate coverage by general surgeons and access to specialists at Level II trauma centers.

Level III Trauma Center

Level III Advanced Trauma Facilities provide prompt assessment and resuscitation for intensive care. These centers offer similar capabilities to those at Levels I or II, like anesthesiology, orthopedic surgery, and general/trauma surgery.
However, Level III general surgeons and anesthesiologists are on-call and not necessarily available 24/7.

These facilities are directed more toward patients whose lives are not imminently threatened but still have serious traumatic injuries. If injuries are life-threatening and a patient requires more comprehensive care, such as neurological surgery, Level III trauma centers can transfer them to a Level I or Level II facility.

Level IV Trauma Center

When a patient arrives at a Level IV Basic Facility, trauma physicians and nurses follow Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program protocol, which evaluates, stabilizes, and diagnoses a patient quickly. From there, they determine if a patient needs to be treated at a more advanced trauma center.

Level IV offers some 24-hour services, such as radiology and laboratory testing, as well as a few surgery capabilities. Still, they are primarily dedicated to providing initial patient support before transferring them to a higher-level facility if necessary.

Trauma Centers vs. Emergency Rooms

Following a car accident, you should receive medical treatment. Emergency rooms offer a worthwhile option after a car accident, even if injuries are not life-threatening. Crashes can cause sprains, broken bones, lacerations, or whiplash, all of which warrant ER visits.

Trauma centers, however, specifically treat survivors of traumatic injuries. These centers are better designed to handle critical crash injuries, like head trauma, loss of limbs, spine fractures, or severe burns.

After a Crash, Get Medial Car, Then Call The Law Giant

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