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Why Should I Go To a Trauma Center After a Crash?

December 30, 2020   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
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A trauma center is the best place to get emergency medical treatment immediately after a crash because they are uniquely qualified to treat serious injuries like those caused in a car wreck. It is likely that the ambulance you call will take you to a trauma center, but if you drive yourself to the hospital then you can find a trauma center nearby.

If you are injured in a crash caused by someone else’s actions, you need to get medical treatment right away. However, as soon as you’re able after that, contact a car accident lawyer from Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers. The Law Giant has worked with thousands of victims of wrecks, and we can help you too. Call us today at (866) 523-4167 or use our online contact form to reach out.

Going to a Trauma Center After a Crash

You should go to a trauma center after a crash if at all possible. They have the resources available to treat traumatic injuries like those sustained in a car accident. You may need the services of a Level I Trauma Center with a full staff of surgeons and specialists. Even if you can only reach a Level IV center quickly, they will transport you to a higher level facility if necessary.

What Kind of Treatment Does a Trauma Center Offer

A trauma center is the best place to go after a wreck because they have specialists who will provide you with the best care possible. There are four levels of trauma centers in Texas: Level I Comprehensive, Level II Major, Level III Advanced, and Level IV Basic. There are trauma centers in all major cities in Texas.

Level I Trauma Center

Level I Comprehensive Trauma Facilities offer care for every aspect of an injury, from prevention through rehabilitation. There is 24-hour in-house coverage by general surgeons and prompt availability of care by specialists like orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologist, plastic surgeons, and others. Level I centers can refer patients to community resources and offer leadership in prevention and public education.

Level II Trauma Center

Level II Major Trauma Facilities provide 24-hour immediate coverage by general surgeons and access to specialists. They can refer patients out to other higher level facilities for cardiac surgery, hemodialysis, and microvascular surgery. Level II centers offer trauma prevention and continuing education to staff.

Level III Trauma Center

LEVEL III Advanced Trauma Facilities can provide prompt assessment and resuscitation for intensive care. They have general surgeons and anesthesiologists on call, but not necessarily available 24-hours a day. Level III centers often serve as back up care for rural and community hospitals. They will transfer patients who require more comprehensive care.

Level IV Trauma Center

Level IV Basic Trauma Facilities provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS) prior to transporting patients to higher level trauma centers. They can evaluate, stabilize, and diagnose patients in their care.

After a Crash Call The Law Giant

You should go to the right medical providers after a crash – a Trauma Center – and also work with the right lawyer to help get compensation. Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers has a team of legal professionals who will work with you to get you what you need. Call us today at (866) 523-4167 or use our online contact form to reach out.

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