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What If a Truck Driver Tries to Blame Me for an Accident?

June 19, 2019   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
Truck accident

A truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence can leave you with hefty medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages. The crash can be even more daunting if a truck driver tries to blame you for the crash when you truly don’t believe it’s your fault.

If you’ve been hurt in a truck wreck, reach out to the skilled Texas truck accident lawyers at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers. We can help you prove liability and ensure your rights remain protected throughout the entire personal injury claims process. Call us at (866) 523-4167 today, or reach out through the online form to schedule a free consultation of your case with The Law Giant.

Proving Fault in a Truck Accident

There are several ways you can prove that the truck driver or the company they work for was responsible for your crash, including:

Review the police report.
One of the most effective ways to prove fault after a truck accident is to obtain a police report. Right after the crash happens, the police should be notified so that an officer can arrive at the scene and file a report. This document will likely contain evidence that discusses liability such as the officer’s opinion on how the crash took place, as well as written statements from you and the other involved parties.

Additionally, the officer will note whether any traffic laws were broken and/or any citations were issued to the party that was responsible for the crash. Since insurance companies are in business to make money, they may not believe you when you say you did not cause the wreck, unless you have a police report to back yourself up.

Consider using accident reconstruction.
Truck crashes are almost always more complex than car accidents. Therefore, you may need an accident reconstruction expert to help prove that you were not liable for the wreck. These individuals are usually engineers who focus on investigating and analyzing accidents to determine what happened and who is at fault.

An accident reconstruction expert will likely visit the scene of your crash, inspect vehicle damage, review medical records, watch video footage, and examine photographs. They may also obtain data from a black box or a special device found in many cars that can record information related to accidents. Additionally, an accident reconstruction expert may use a special computer program to recreate the crash and prove liability.

Keep track of your own documentation.
Use your phone or camera to document the accident scene, vehicle damage, and any injuries you may have sustained. Also, jot down what you believe happened right after the accident occurs. It can be easy to forget the exact details of the crash days, weeks, or months after, so maintaining your own documentation is essential.

Reach out to a truck accident lawyer.
Once you’ve received medical attention and documented the scene on your own, it’s important to consult an attorney. A personal injury lawyer is well-versed in state and federal trucking regulations, and can ensure you’re not blamed for a crash that was not your fault.

You can count on the truck accident lawyers at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers to perform their own investigation and interview witnesses to figure out who may be liable. They can handle all conversations with the trucker and their insurance company so that you can focus on recovering.

Injured in a Truck Accident? Contact The Law Giant

Truck accidents can be frightening, and the aftermath can be complicated. Rather than trying to prove liability and navigate your case on your own, call Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. We’ll take the time to gather solid evidence and perform a comprehensive investigation so that you don’t have to take the blame for an accident that was caused by someone else.

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