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The Most Dangerous & Heavily Promoted Prescription Drugs and their Potential Natural Alternatives

March 22, 2016

What is the main purpose of prescription medicine? To heal people, of course! This is why it’s somewhat of a terrifying shock when people find out that prescription drugs are, in fact, the fourth cause of death across the globe. In general, this has to do with the fact that people get sick and look for something to relieve their symptoms (prescription drugs) but not actually fix the root of the problem (improper nutrition, for instance). With prescription drugs comes some major side effects, and sometimes those side effects need to be masked bymore prescription drugs!

Many people are starting to become aware of the dangerous cycle that comes with prescription drugs, and that means that natural alternatives that don’t come with the same side effects as prescription drugs are on the rise. Keep reading for a few of the natural alternatives that provide the same positive effects as their prescription drug counterparts.

Cortisone or Prednisone

Corticosteroids are used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, asthma, and allergies. Basically, they lower or prevent inflammation by working the same way your natural hormones do, except in higher quantities. Their side effects can be disastrous, however. Bone thinning (therefore making fractures more common), raised blood sugar (which can lead to diabetes or worsen already existing diabetes), increasing the risk of getting an infection, thinning of the skin as well as increasing the ease of bruising and slowing down the speed of wound healing, and even suppressing the production of gland hormones.

A natural alternative to produce the same positive effects of corticosteroids? A raw whole food diet.

Warfarin or Coumadin

Warfarin and Coumadin are anticoagulants, more commonly known simply as blood thinners. They stop the formation and transportation of blood clots. Anticoagulants can lead to a haemorrhage, which means bleeding.

There are some natural alternatives that can produce the same blood thinning effect. Vitamin C in the amount of 1000 milligrams every day should create a coating on the walls of red blood cells keeps stops breakages and bleedings. It’s important to note that if too much vitamin C is consumed, it can actually prevent your body from absorbing enough calcium. Vitamin E (400 IU per day) is another natural alternative, as it also coats the red blood cells, binding collagen in the blood vessels – this ultimately prevents the chances of bleeding and strokes occurring. A final alternative is OPC 165, which is a blend that is both natural and antioxidant.

Lowering Cholesterol

There are some drugs that are prescribed to lower cholesterol, including Atromid and Lopid, as well as Statin drugs. Atromid and Lopid word to take in bile acids that come from cholesterol located in the intestines. Statin drugs, on the other hand, lower the cholesterol production in the liver. Myositis, muscle inflammation, is a side effect of these drugs, and sometimes rhabdomyolysis is as well, which is a painful weakening of the muscles that can cause kidney failure.

A natural alternative to these drugs is eating fish or whole foods such as oats, nuts, beans, spinach, and avocado.

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