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Recall on 250 Tons of Pork

Over half a million pounds of pork is being recalled by the USDA because Morris Meat Packing never inspected the meat. Apparently, an anonymous tip given to the FDA said that the Illinois company was selling its products without federal inspection. In a statement the FSIS claimed this has been going on for over a two year period, starting in November on 2017, and wasn’t discovered till the 9th of November, 2019.

So far, there haven’t been any confirmed reports of any negative effects. However, if you do experience any adverse reaction, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. The FSIS is urging anyone who has any of these products in their freezer or refrigerator to throw them away or return them to the store. It is unknown if these products are safe to consume. If you have any questions about this recall, you can contact Morris Meat Packing at 708-865-8566. Below is the list of products affected so far.

Product Number and Product Name

00001 Fresh Pork Saddles with Skin
00002 Fresh Pork Saddles no skin
00003 Fresh Pork Loin with skin
00004 Fresh Pork Loin
00005 Fresh Pork Back Ribs
00006 Fresh Pork Ham with Skin
00007 Fresh Pork Ham no skin
00008 Fresh Pork Boneless Ham
00009 Fresh Pork Pork Butts
00010 Fresh Pork C.T. Butt
00011 Fresh Pork Shoulder Butt Cellar Trim
00012 Fresh Pork Picnic with skin
00013 Fresh Pork Picnic with Bone No Skin
00014 Fresh Pork Bone in Shoulders
00015 Fresh Pork Boneless Shoulders
00016 Fresh Pork Rib Bellies
00017 Fresh Pork Rib Bellies No Skin
00018 Fresh Pork Bacon
00019 Fresh Pork Bacon No Skin
00020 Fresh Pork Spare Ribs
00021 Fresh Pork Pig With Head
00022 Fresh Pork Pig with No Head
00023 Fresh Pork Belly Trimmings
00024 Fresh Pork Feet
00025 Fresh Pork Hocks
00026 Fresh Pork High Feet
00027 Fresh Pork Neck Bones
00028 Fresh Pork Liver
00030 Fresh Pork Heart
00031 Fresh Pork Kidney
00032 Fresh Pork Pig Heads
00033 Fresh Pork Fresh Tongue
00034 Fresh Pork Jowls No Skin
00035 Fresh Pork Snout
00036 Fresh Pork Inside Fat
00037 Fresh Pork Tail Fresh
00038 Fresh Pork Ears
00039 Fresh Pork Ham Skins
00040 Fresh Pork Loin Skin
00041 Fresh Pork Fresh Skin
No Fat 00042 Fresh Pork Back Fat
00043 Fresh Pork Shanks Skin Off
00044 Fresh Pork Shanks Skin On
00045 Fresh Pork Hocks and Feet
00046 Fresh Pork Jowls Skin On
00047 Fresh Pork Pork Spleen
00048 Fresh Pork Chops
00049 Fresh Pork Ham Bone
00050 Boneless Loin

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