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Mistakes Made After A Slip and Fall Accident

May 28, 2015

When you go out to a restaurant you like to reasonably assume that when you go to the bathroom you won’t slip on a layer of grease near the kitchen. This isn’t always the case if the restaurant isn’t taking care of the cleanup. Slip and fall accidents happen all over the place, and people just write them off as clumsiness. This is a horrible way to approach slip and fall accidents, since you shouldn’t have to walk into an establishment and have to worry about the ground not being safe to walk on. If you get into a slip and fall accident then there are plenty of things that you need to avoid. People tend to make mistakes after slip and fall accidents, preventing them from receiving the compensation they deserve for their damages.

Let’s take a look at some of these mistakes and understand how you can avoid them.

Just Getting Up and Walking Away

It’s quite common for people to feel embarrassed after a slip and fall accident, causing them to just get up and walk away as soon as possible. When you get into a slip and fall accident it’s important to stay in the area and figure out if someone else was negligent. Talk to the people who saw you fall and make sure that you aren’t too injured. If you get up and move you might actually cause more damage to your body.

Not Talking Down Names of Witnesses

If there are people in the area then they are your best bet at receiving compensation for your slip and fall accident. Take down the names and numbers of the people who saw you fall, and give this information to your personal injury lawyer. This allows the lawyer to figure out a plan of action and bring in the people who can support your case. If you don’t have witnesses then it’s basically your word against the negligent party’s.

Talking to the Owner of the Establishment too Much

If you slip and fall in an establishment, then you might not want to talk with them too much. If you give them a hint that you might consider legal action then they might go ahead and round up a team of legal professionals to take you down. Talk to your personal injury lawyer first and have them send the first legal notice. Don’t sign anything or accept any gifts from the establishment because this could hurt you down the line.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about slip and fall accidents. If you have been in a slip and fall accident then talk about it in the comments and share how you tried to avoid the mistakes that we discussed above. Do you have any advice for people who get in slip and fall accidents?

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