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Mild brain injuries can cause professional catastrophe

If you recently suffered a blow to the head, there is a significant chance that you received a mild traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Of course, technically speaking, there is also a chance that you received a more severe injury, but moderate and severe brain injuries typically render victims unable to function in ways that make it clear that a brain injury is present.

Mild TBIs are dangerous mostly because they are difficult to identify. This leaves many victims struggling with symptoms that make it difficult to live their lives and do their work and wondering why everything they do is frustrating and difficult.

If you recently suffered a blow to the head and suspect that you received some form of brain injury, you can gain more clarity on the issue by having your doctor give you a full medical examination. If you did suffer a mild TBI, your doctor can help communicate this clearly to those around you and determine the course of treatment you need to recover.

Don’t let a mild brain injury destroy your work

One of the most common effects of a mild brain injury is that victims find even simple tasks or duties very difficult or even impossible to complete. This may be as simple as doing landscaping or factory work, or may include common office work like using spreadsheets to compile data.

Victims of mild TBIs often find that their daily duties on the job are suddenly much more difficult to accomplish. A job that a victim has performed for months or years may suddenly feel like a new challenge that does not make sense, which is often disconcerting to the victim.

In addition, victims of mild TBIs often respond to frustrating situations with large outbursts that surprise themselves and those around them. It is easy to imagine how an employer may quickly fire an employee who comes to work one day and has aggressive outbursts over seemingly trivial setbacks. Unfortunately, if the victim and those around them do not understand that they have a serious brain injury causing these reactions, the employer’s actions will seem completely justified.

Protect yourself with prompt care and legal action

Once you obtain your medical examination and learn whether or not your blow to the head resulted in a TBI, you can begin moving forward with a legal strategy to protect your rights and priorities. If the injury did not leave you with lasting symptoms, it is unlikely that a personal injury lawsuit is worth the trouble, but you may want to consider approaching the other party about paying for the expense of your examination.

If, however, you did suffer mild TBI, then you may consider a personal injury lawsuit. A strong claim built with excellent legal resources and guidance can keep your rights secure while ensuring that those around you understand the seriousness of your injury and the recovery time that you need.

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