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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney With Trial Experience

October 30, 2020

Although most personal injury claims end in settlement, you need a lawyer with trial experience because the insurance company must often be pressured with a lawsuit. Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers has a team of attorneys who are all experienced in the courtroom. We will…

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Tripping Hazards in a Business

October 29, 2020

Tripping hazards are no laughing matter. If a business is acting negligently, and it results in an injury, they should be held responsible. Falling due to a tripping hazard can end up costing you big. Medical bills can begin to pile up, and lost income…

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Peligros de Tropiezo en una Empresa

October 29, 2020

Los peligros de tropezarse en algún establecimiento son cosa seria. Si una empresa actúa de manera negligente y por consecuencia usted resulta con una lesión, dicha empresa debe ser considerada responsable. Caerse debido a las medidas negligentes de un establecimiento puede terminar costándole mucho dinero….

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Things You Should Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney

October 22, 2020

You may be scared after a personal injury accident. An experienced attorney can answer your questions and relieve your stress by handling all of the details of your claim. The clients of The Texas Law Giant have rated us 5.0 stars, and consider us trustworthy…

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trucking accident

How Much Will a Truck Accident Claim Cost Me?

October 21, 2020

Often, trucking crashes can be some of the most dangerous and deadly crashes you can be involved in. Victims can suffer from traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and so much more. The aftermath of these crashes can be stressful, to say the least. Victims can…

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Texas is in the Top 5 of Unfixed Recalled Vehicles

October 19, 2020

Last year, over 52.7 million recalled vehicles were being driven without being fixed. Now, in 2020 that number has jumped to 55.7 million according to CARFAX. What’s even more frightening is that about 75% of all those recalls are in the south, and 25% of…

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Can I Get Punitive Damages After a Car Accident in Texas?

October 15, 2020

You can recover compensation for many types of damages after a car accident in Texas. Punitive damages, or those meant to punish the wrongdoer, are one of those types of damages. To determine whether or not you can recover punitive damages, you should speak with…

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Takata Air Bag Deaths Rise to 17 Americans

October 5, 2020

Evidence has led to the conclusion that another recalled Takata airbag has caused the 17th death in the U.S, increasing the global death toll to 26. The victim was driving a 2002 Honda Civic, according to a statement released by Honda this past Saturday. This…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

October 1, 2020

Car accidents can be confusing. You may have been seriously injured, the facts may be fuzzy in your memory, and insurance companies may be calling you already. Don’t let your uncertainty lead to a mistake that will cost you thousands in your personal injury claim….

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