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How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Texas

There’s nothing like the feeling of wind in your hair as you travel I-40 on the back of a motorcycle. Bikers have exhilarating experiences; however, they should be aware of the risks involved with riding a motorcycle.

Read below to learn more about how to avoid a motorcycle accident in Texas. If you are injured due to someone else’s actions, you should reach out to a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

To prevent an accident on a motorcycle, you need to know what causes them. Most motor vehicle crashes are caused by driver error. However, that can encompass a lot of different actions or inaction by drivers.

Common causes of accidents include:

Any time a driver fails to follow the rules of the road or Texas laws, they can potentially cause a wreck. If you see someone violating the law, you should be careful and avoid driving near them.

7 Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Because so many causes of accidents are driver errors, many crashes can be prevented. Here are some things you can do while riding your bike to avoid a crash on the road.

1. Make Sure Others Can See You

When riding your motorcycle, you should make it impossible for other drivers to not see you on the road. Wear bright colors and use reflective tape on your gear. Always be sure your headlights work and use them day and night. Avoid driving in the blind spot of cars and trucks. Furthermore, honk if you’re unsure if a driver can see you.

2. Be Alert When You Ride

Make sure you are awake and aware of your surroundings when riding your motorcycle. Statistics show that Texas is home to the drowsiest drivers. If you are drowsy, don’t drive. You must be aware of other cars around you and make sure they’re aware of you.

3. Don’t Drink and Drive

Biker bars are fun, and it’s hard not to drink a little too much when hanging out with friends. However, one drink too much can lead to a serious accident that hurts yourself and others, or worse, kills someone.

4. Drive the Speed Limit

Speed limits are set according to safety standards. It’s important to follow the law and not go over the speed limit. If you do, you risk more than getting a ticket. The average car weighs around 5,000 pounds; colliding with one even at low speeds can be fatal.

5. Avoid Riding in Bad Weather

You can’t control the weather, but you can control when you ride. Check the weather before you set out and make a smart decision about your adventure. Don’t ride in the rain and avoid fog, if possible. If bad weather moves in on you while you’re out on the road, pull over at a gas station or stop under an overpass.

6. Wear Appropriate Gear

You should wear long pants and sleeves when riding. Your clothing should be thick and made of protective materials. Gloves and eye protection are also beneficial. As stated above, your jacket should be reflective. This gear can help you be more visible to motorists and prevent you from being exposed to harsh weather.

7. Keep an Eye Out for Other Motorists

Defensive driving is key to avoiding an accident. You should never assume other drivers are following the rules of the road. Be aware of other motorists, especially if they are swerving or violating other laws. Check your blind spot, remember to signal, and avoid distractions.

Call a Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Help

Motorcycle collisions are usually the fault of the other driver. However, it can be hard to prove who is to blame.

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