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The Effect Ridesharing Services May Have on Traffic Deaths

The introduction of ridesharing services has posed several concerns for cities and drivers alike. As many experts expected, it seems that these services are contributing to more traffic fatalities. On top of contributing to greater traffic congestion and pollution, a study seems to indicate that since the introduction of apps such as Uber and Lyft, traffic fatalities have increased over 3%.

While these services offer benefits, like keep impaired drivers off the road, they also increase the chances of a fatal crash occurring. It’s important to remember that rideshare drivers are not professionals. In the past, taxi drivers would have to go through background checks and meet other safety standards in order to drive. With rideshare apps, these drivers can have little to no experience, and get paid to drive people around.

A paper published by the University of Chicago outlines the connection rideshare services have in fatal traffic accidents via the “quantity effect.” This identifies that if there are more cars on the streets, the more likely the number of collisions will increase. Thanks to on-demand ride-hailing, carpooling, public transport, and pedestrian traffic have all decrease. While in the past, far fewer cars would have been on the street. Now, these other forms of transportation have been taken over by rideshare drivers.

The Real Cost of Rideshare Crasshes

The risks and costs of these crashes affect more than just the rideshare driver and their passengers. These crashes victimize other drivers, cyclists, and even pedestrians. On top of this, they pose a serious cost to our communities. They impose an economic burden by causing property damage, medical claims, legal costs, and emergency response services.

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