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June is National Safety Month

It’s June again, and that means it’s the National Safety Council’s (NSC) National Safety Month. During the month of June, the NSC brings a few important workplace safety concerns to the spotlight. This is in an effort to ring more attention to these issues, in the hope to improve health and safety standards in the workplace. There are 4 topics for 4 weeks in June. This year’s topics are:

Week 1- Prevent Incidents Before They Start:

It’s important for every business to identify potential risks when conducting business. This is especially true when the risks concern workers’ safety. Taking proactive safety measures to reduce hazardous exposure regarding things such as chemical management, is crucial to creating a safe workplace. A good way for a business to start doing this is to incorporate a safety and wellness plan. Covering all levels of employee safety and health and encouraging others to report hazardous practices is key in building a culture of safety in the workplace.

Week 2 – Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns:

While more and more people continue to get vaccinated, COVID is still a major concern. Employers play an important role in the safety of workers who are returning from remote work. It’s important the employees pay attention to employees mental health, build trust, and encourage safe practices to prevent the spread of COVID.

Week 3 – It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job:

Safety at the workplace does not end at just physical safety. Being able to be one’s self at work, without fear of retaliation is necessary for an organization’s safety culture. Being a leader in safety is more than just following safety plans. Making room for psychological safety is just as important. Improving the morale of employees, and making everyone feel included are all part of bringing an organization together.

Week 4 – Advance Your Safety Journey:

Just because you have met your safety goals for this year, doesn’t mean you should stop there. Safety is all about continuous improvement. As an organization expands, more opportunities with significant risks emerge. tackling these issues head-on is important to continue a safe path forward.

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