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How Video Camera Footage can Help Prove Negligence in a Collision

Car crashes happen every day. In fact, most people will be involved in at least one motor vehicle accident in their lifetime. Luckily, most accidents result in little damage or mild injuries. However, collisions can happen quickly, and those drivers involved might not know exactly what happened. This could make proving the negligent parties’ responsibility difficult. Regardless, police investigators and insurance adjusters try and put together what happened in the crash. By evaluating vehicle damage and analyzing the scene of the accident, these professionals can get a good idea of what happened. However, sometimes their is video footage recorded of the accident, which makes it easier to assess negligence.

Video Cameras

In today’s digital age, video cameras are everywhere. Parking lots, intersections, and buildings usually have some kind of video surveillance. Now, even almost anyone can have a doorbell camera or even a dashcam that could record some or all of your crash. The first step you need to take is to find out if a video camera captured the whole or part of the incident. The best way to do this is to return to the scene of the accident and look around for cameras. If you do find any, you’ll need to know the time and date of the incident. However, you should be quick. Most security systems will record the footage after a certain amount of time. Once the footage has been overwritten, it’s gone for good.

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