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How To Tell If Your product Was Recalled

When you buy something you expect it to work. That unfortunately is not always the case. Products may have defects or other problems that aren’t discovered until well after they have been sold. Consumers aren’t aware of the problems until they are harmed or if a recall is made public. This is a scary situation, especially when some of those defects can cause death.

Most products are recalled when it is discovered that they can cause serious harm or even death. Recalls prevent further harm to consumers, and are most effective when ordered before the general public is harmed. The problem with recalls however, is that many people do not lean about them until they attempt to buy replacement parts or accessories. There are better ways to learn about a product recall.

Search Online

Depending on how popular an item is, a simple web search may reveal if the product has been recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a popular website for product recalls. The website is a governmental site that lists products that have been recalled. There are also websites devoted to specific types of product recalls such as children’s items, health products and even pet food. Regularly visiting these sites will keep you knowledgeable on published recalls.

Check With the Store

Many stores maintain a recall list for their customers. If you suspect that something you have purchased has been recalled try calling the store where you purchased it and asking them first. Some stores will maintain the list online, while others such as Wal-Mart keep a big book of recalled items with customer service.

Contacting the store where you purchased the item is also a good idea because many times the recalled product will have to be returned to that same store. Contacting the store to see if the item has been recalled will also give you the opportunity to find out what to do with it.

Register The Product

Registering your product is probably the easiest way to learn about product recalls. When you register your product, you aren’t just giving the manufacturer your information; you are giving them the opportunity to contact you if something goes wrong with the product.

If you don’t register your product, the company has no way of letting you know personally when a product has been recalled. They will be required to notify the stores that are selling their product, but it then becomes your job to learn about it from the store.

Save yourself the trouble by registering your product when you get it.

Product recalls are an unfortunate aspect of consumer goods. While it is good that we have them, their success is limited. They may prevent public harm, but they only work when people know about them.

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