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How To Explain Hit & Run Accident To Injury Lawyer

When you get in a hit and run accident you can feel like you are completely helpless with no one to turn to. The opposite is most often the case, since you can speak with the police and call a personal injury lawyer to help figure the case out. It’s not always that you can figure out who the culprit is, but turning to the right people is the best thing when getting into a hit and run accident.

According to Fox 29 San Antonio, a recent hit and run accident occurred where a man fled his car leaving his girlfriend in the passenger seat injured. The police assume that the man was drunk and therefore ran away from the San Antonio accident.

He also left a mother and a small boy in the other car when running away. This is obviously illegal and very frowned upon because there are so many innocent people on the road that you should never run away from an accident and leave them behind. But with so many witnesses and cameras these days, it is only a matter of time before the evidence begins to pile up against the culprit.

But how do you explain the hit and run accident to your personal injury lawyer without making things worse or losing money.

Tell the Lawyer About the Area and What Businesses Were Around

Businesses are often able to help you by giving you camera feeds from their stores, allowing you or the police or your personal injury to identify exactly who hit you and ran away from the accident. Sometimes the people leave their car and it’s not all that difficult to figure out who the person was, but sometimes they drive off with the car, making it necessary to grab some footage of the license plate and everything.

Show Them Any Pictures You Took of the Situation

If you took pictures of the accident, show them to your personal injury lawyer. These are typically one of the best forms of evidence because it shows what the scene of the crime looked like. Try to get snaps of the car, your car, the person in the other car and the entire atmosphere around the accident.

Talk About The Direction in Which the Car Went

If you were conscience to see where the car sped off to tell your personal injury lawyer so they can maybe figure out the direction in which the person lives or was heading. Direction isn’t always going to help, but sometimes it can give the police a good idea as where to look. Heading in one direction is always better than heading in four directions.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about speaking to a personal injury lawyer in general. Explain if you have ever been in a car accident where the other person ran away, and tell us if you think you handled it properly with your personal injury lawyer.

Were you a recent victim of a hit and run accident? Call the San Antonio car accident lawyers at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers for a free case review and legal consultation. Talking with someone experienced about the laws can help you find direction in how to proceed when you need it most.

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