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Common Problems with Insurance Companies

July 16, 2014

When working with insurance companies you might get frustrated because there is so much jargon in fine print that it’s difficult to understand exactly what you are signing up for. This doesn’t mean that you should let insurance companies take advantage of you just because you don’t understand everything. It’s normal to not understand everything that’s in your insurance policy, but you should always have someone such as a lawyer or insurance expert look over your policy so that you don’t get screwed in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems that people have with insurance companies that might justify talking with a personal injury lawyer.

The Insurance Company says You’re Not Covered

If you get injured or some of your property gets damaged,you think that your insurance company covers it. If the insurance company tells you that you are not covered then you might have a case to get more compensation. Insurance companies make their money by denying as many people as they can. They train their employees to figure out ways that they can deny coverage to people, and this often stretches the terms of the contract.

The Insurance Company Tries To Pay You Less Money

If an insurance company tries to pay you less money than you were originally promised then you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This is a common problem that people have with insurance companies because people don’t understand all the terms of their contract with the insurance company. For example you might get into a car accident and then the insurance company tells you that you only get a certain amount of money. If that chunk of money doesn’t cover all the damage that occurred because of the car accident then you have reason to believe that the insurance company might be stiffing you. This is where you might want to call a personal injury lawyer to help you sort out the mess. Our personal injury attorneys in San Antonio have helped numerous people across the state of Texas get the compensation they deserve.

The Company Tries to Hike Up Your rates

If at any point in time your insurance company tries to hike up your rates you should talk to a personal injury lawyer to see if they did this illegally. If you keep getting in car accidents then insurance companies can most definitely hike up your rates, but if they do it for no reason than they might just be trying to squeeze out a little bit more money from you.

Have you ever had problems with insurance companies? Let us know in the comments section below. Share what happened with the insurance company and let us know if you talked to a personal injury lawyer to get things straightened out. If you think you have an insurance coverage case right now, contact our law offices in San Antonio, Tx for a free case review and legal consultation.

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