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Motor vehicle accidents in Brownsville, TX can happen to anyone and at any time. According to 2016 data gathered by the Texas Department of Transportation, a fatal crash occurs every two hours, and a person is injured in a collision every two minutes. That same year, there were almost 3,600 crashes in Brownsville alone. As a victim, you may be dealing with devastating pain from any number of injuries. Your situation can also get worse as you face skyrocketing medical bills, lost wages, and debilitating suffering. Keep in mind you still have rights under state law, and should speak with a Brownsville car accident lawyer right away.


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It can be overwhelming to think about filing a claim for compensation, but, you need to take the legal burden off your shoulders. The Brownsville personal injury lawyers at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers are the experienced advocates you need to go up against major insurance companies with large legal departments and big defense budgets. Let us review your circumstances and provide solid legal advice about your options.

The Law Giant is here to get everything you need to recover. Please call us at 956-982-1800 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers. We handle car accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning there will be no up-front costs and are only paid when you receive compensation.

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Negligence is Behind Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even if you’ve never been in an auto collision, you can probably guess that careless or reckless conduct by a motorist is a factor. The legal term is negligence, and it’s a very specific concept under Texas law. If you suffered car accident injuries, you must prove certain facts to recover compensation for your losses.

The four essential elements for an auto accident injury claim based upon negligence are:

There were 3,578 car accidents in Brownsville in 2017.
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of auto accident cases end with a favorable result for the plaintiff. - DOJ

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Our Texas injury lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and skills that are necessary to ensure your rights remain protected throughout the entire personal injury claims process.

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Causes of Car Accidents

Though it’s true that negligence is a root cause of many traffic crashes, it can take many forms. The key is whether the responsible motorist complied with the legal duty of care. Some signs that the other driver breached this duty include violating Texas’ rules of the road, such as:

However, negligence may also be a factor despite traffic laws, when the driver doesn’t exercise reasonable care. Examples include:

Types of Car Accidents

Every auto collision is different, but these incidents can be classified based upon the underlying circumstances. Some of the more common traffic crash scenarios around Brownsville include:

Regardless of the specific causes or type of crash that led to your injuries, it’s important to retain an automobile accident lawyer who will thoroughly investigate. These factors are critical for proving the four elements above. Our car collision attorneys at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers work to gather this essential evidence to support your claim.

Tips on What To Do After a Car Crash

You’re understandably shaken after an auto accident, but there are a few things you should try to do if you’re physically able. Your success with filing an auto accident injury depends on taking quick action and using a few tips on what to do after a car accident:

Of course, another important consideration is when to hire an attorney for a car accident. Because the next stages of your auto accident injury are crucial, you should contact a car crash lawyer at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers as soon as possible.

Auto Accident Lawyers Pursue Your Right to Compensation

Damages, losses, and compensation may be used interchangeably in an injury claim after car accidents. They all refer to the same concept, which is to reimburse you for the physical, emotional, and financial consequences you experience as a victim. There are two types of damages you may seek as compensation, including:

How Our Brownsville Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

At Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers, our auto injury attorneys draw from considerable experience and in-depth legal knowledge. Besides having the advantage of this extensive legal background, we can also offer assistance in areas that you may not initially realize you need when seeking car accident compensation.

Throughout the various phases of a car accident claim, our car crash lawyers at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers will be at your side. Your focus as an injured victim should be on getting back to health. Let us handle the legal challenges while you recover.

Overview of Auto Accidents in Brownsville

A synopsis of car wrecks in the area demonstrates the risks you face when driving in Brownsville, TX and the surrounding area.

Most Dangerous Roads in Brownsville

You may not be able to avoid all car collisions, but there are certain areas that require extra precaution when you’re driving around Brownsville. They include:

Local Brownsville Car Accident Resources

By reviewing information on Drive Texas and the Texas Department of Transportation website, you can have a look at current traffic conditions and locations of accidents. This information can help you avoid delays or plan your trip around traffic-related incidents. If you are in an accident, you may refer to the City of Brownsville website or the Brownsville Police Department’s online reporting system for information.

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Know Your Rights & What to Expect

If you were injured in an auto crash, the time to contact an auto collision lawyer is now. Not only do you suffer unnecessary hardship, but you put your rights at risk. You can contact Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers by calling 956-982-1800 or submit a request online to schedule a free consultation. Our car accident lawyers are standing by to review your situation and provide help.

Don’t settle for a less than what you deserve. The Law Giant is the attorney you need. There is no risk in speaking to us because we don’t charge up-front fees and are only paid when you recover compensation.