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Dangers of Texting and Driving In Texas

According to the National Highway Traffic Saftey Board, 444 people were killed in Texas due to distracted driving in 2017. With more apps and programs are fighting for our attention, using our smartphones while driving is becoming more and more common. But what are the laws concerning texting and driving?

Texting in driving laws varies from state to state. Some states still do not have any laws banning the practices, and others only ban cell phone use while in a school zone. In Texas, it was made illegal in 2017. In addition to putting a prohibition on texting and driving, other forms of electronic communication are also banned, such as using social media. While you’re allowed to play music, use a GPS and talk on the phone state-wide, some local governments have stricter city ordinances. That’s why it’s important for Texans to not only know the state law but their local laws too.

In Texas, first-time violators of the law will be fined between $25 to $99. However, those with repeat violations may be subjected to higher fines. If a person texting is responsible for a serious accident, they may face jail time and fines adding up too $4,000. What’s the best way to avoid these fines? Stay safe and stay off your phone while driving. Texting and driving is not only dangerous for you, but for everyone else on the road.

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