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Most Dangerous Roads in Brownsville

The Brownsville area has been home to an increasing amount of street and highway traffic over the years. Many of these cars and trucks are the result of local growth in Cameron County. However, our communities have also seen an increase in traffic that involves people driving through Brownsville as they travel between the United States and Mexico.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports over 3,500 accidents in Brownsville every year. Many of these wrecks are extremely violent, and innocent victims end up getting badly hurt or even killed. It’s important to contact a skilled car accident lawyer if you are in a wreck caused by someone else. You have the right to pursue compensation, but the legal process is complex and the other parties may be less than helpful.

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Large Highways And Interstates

Brownsville residents use highways and interstates in order to navigate throughout Cameron County and south Texas. However, our highways are used by millions of other vehicles that are simply passing through the area.

Commercial vehicles travel through our part of the state as they transport industrial and agricultural goods between the United States and Mexico. Fast moving trucks are constantly driving next to smaller passenger cars.

Some of the most dangerous large highways and interstates in Brownsville are:

  • Interstate 69E – Also known as U.S. Route 77, this interstate originates at the Mexico border in Brownsville and heads northwest across Cameron County. Many drivers on I-69E are distracted by their phones as read directions.
  • Texas State Highway 4 – This highway shares its route with International Blvd as well as Boca Chica Blvd while in Brownsville. Many accidents happen at the interchange with Interstate 69E where many drivers are confused or unprepared by the access ramps and intersection with Frontage Rd.
  • Interstate 169 – Running concurrently with State Highway 550, I-169 is used by many commuters to bypass slower moving parts of Brownsville. Some of the most dangerous areas include where it joins I-69E and where it intersects N Indiana Ave on the east side of the city.

Busy City Streets

Brownsville has many streets that host significant stop-and-go traffic, and some of these roads are particularly dangerous to both motorists and pedestrians. As a driver it can be impossible to know when someone else will pull out of a parking lot or alley without taking the time to make sure they could avoid a collision.

Many careless people are easily distracted when on neighborhood or commercial avenues. Furthermore, these streets see many drunk drivers, especially late at night and on many holidays. Intoxicated drivers are responsible for over 1,000 road deaths in our state every year.

Any street can suddenly become the scene of a horrible wreck. While you have to always remain cautious, some of the most dangerous city roads in Brownsville include:

  • Sam Pearl Blvd – This two-way street passes through downtown Brownsville where it is split into 12th and 13th streets which are each one-way roads. There are often many pedestrians as well as distracted drivers constantly using this boulevard.
  • International Blvd – Drivers access this road when they cross the Gateway International Bridge from Mexico. This busy road has many dangerous intersections such as where it meets Interstate 69E.
  • Boca Chica Blvd – This road takes drivers across Brownsville from east to west, and it’s constantly crowded with cars and trucks. Here there are constantly wrecks caused by distracted drivers or those who are speeding.

Rural And Small Roads Can Be Very Dangerous

Many people consider fast paced highways and boulevards to be the most dangerous. However, rural roads and those that have limited traffic are often the scene of many serious car accidents. One problem is that people lower their guard when on these roads.

Furthermore, unlike large highways, many rural roads are not designed to hold a lot of traffic. The state and county do not always consider prompt maintenance of these roads to be a top priority. Accidents that are most common on these particularly dangerous roads include:

  • Trucks accidents – Large trucks often use rural roads to haul industrial and agricultural cargo that is produced in low-population areas. These roads are not always ideal for a large truck, and accidents are common.
  • Poor weather accidents – A small or rural road may not be properly designed to enhance safety when there is poor weather. Often times rainwater will accumulate on these roads and pose serious risks to drivers.
  • Distracted driving accidents – People are sometimes easily distracted when they’re on a road with few other cars. However, a driver can easily cause a serious wreck if they take their eyes off the road for only a few seconds.

Call The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers After A Car Accident

Hundreds of people are hurt every year in car accidents in Brownsville and throughout Cameron County. Some of these wrecks leave one or more people with catastrophic harm that will impact them for years. It’s important that you seek skilled legal counsel no matter what injuries you have sustained.

Our firm has worked with many car accident victims, and we know how important compensation is for your ability to move forward with your life. Do not delay in speaking with an attorney. The statute of limitations in Texas only allows for you to recover damages if you file a claim within two years of your accident. Given the complexity of a car accident case, we strongly advise you to call your attorney as soon as possible.

Contact The Texas Law Giant at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers to speak with a knowledgeable Texas car accident lawyer. Our firm has years of experience representing victims of motor vehicle accidents. Call our Brownsville office today at (956) 982-1800.

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