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Is Your Insurance Company Deceiving You?

When you pay for insurance you like to assume that when you get injured or something happens to your property the insurance company will come through and help you out with everything. Unfortunately this is not always the case, because insurance companies are primarily focused on how much money they can make over the type of care they give you. Obviously there are some good insurance companies out there, but many of them have built a reputation on denying as many people as they possibly can and telling people, who actually have coverage, that they are covered when something bad happens. In essence, their insurance company employees are trained to deny as many people as possible.

Let's figure out if your insurance company owes you money for something they didn't live up to in terms of your insurance contract.

What Does the Contract Say?

The best place to start when figuring out if your insurance company owes you money is the actual contract that you signed when signing up. Check the agreement to make sure that you were completely covered before spending any money on a personal injury lawyer or court fees that might put you further into debt. Showing an insurance contract or agreement is one of your strongest assets in terms of the court.

Did They Deceive You?

A good practice when signing up for insurance companies is to record your conversations. If you can get a transcript of your insurance company conversations than this is quite helpful as well. Ask detailed questions through email or chat to make sure that the company cannot stand you in the future. If you have all of these records in the court can clearly see that the insurance company told you one thing and then did the other.

Did You Pay for the Wrong Insurance?

It's not uncommon to see people who purchased the wrong insurance because they didn't read what they were paying for. If you purchase the wrong insurance then the courts cannot help you. The insurance company did not lead you want to believe something wrong, you just didn't read your contracts to understand what your insurance covers. In order to avoid this, take some measures to ask as many questions as you can before signing up for insurance. Although insurance seems tedious and boring, you would probably be better off not getting insurance at all if you don't plan on reading the agreements.

If you ever feel like your insurance company has taken advantage of you and they owe you money let us know in the comments section below it's not uncommon to feel this way when you speak with your insurance company. Share your thoughts and let us know if you think your insurance company might owe you money. Have a insurance legal case you want to take to court in San Antonio? Talk with our San Antonio insurance lawyers today for a free case review.

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