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Benefits of Settling an Injury Claim

When it comes to a personal injury lawsuit, it can end up going two different ways. Getting a settlement, or going to court. Of course, there are benefits to having your case litigated, but why are settlements a more favorable outcome for you? There are a number of factors that make getting a settlement more favorable. Below we will take a closer look at settlements, and the advantages they bring to your personal injury claim. However, each case is different. In some cases, going to court may result in a better outcome, or it becomes necessary. Consult with your attorney to learn more about what is the best route to take when it comes to your case.

Less Pressure

For the average person, walking into a courtroom can be intimidating. No matter what you do for a living, being across from a lawyer, and standing in front of a judge can cause some unwanted anxiety. Even if you have a trusted and seasons attorney with you, the pressure is a lot to handle. If you are able to settle your case, it’s one less reason to feel stressed. You won’t have to worry about courtroom formalities, no jury to sway, and no judge staring down at you. Going to mediation is much more relaxed. It’s just you, the defendant, your attorney, the defendant’s attorney, and a neutral mediator. 5 people in a room is often more comfortable than the alternative.

Control Over Your Compensation

One of the biggest benefits of a settlement is the control over what compensation you receive. In a trial, your fate is up to the jury and the court. It is a major gamble for everyone involved. You might walk away with more than you would have gotten in a settlement, or you could walk away with nothing. Of course, this all depends on your unique situation. It is possible that going to trial will get you the best results. Remember, you should consult with your attorney. They will have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to settlements and trials.

Settlements Typically Take Less Time

Most personal injury claims do end in a settlement. This is because settling usually means both parties won’t have to spend as much time and resources on the case, and many states require both parties to attempt a settlement in good faith before it can go to trial. Because of the court’s scheduling availability, a case could take months or even years to be complete. Even the most straightforward cases can take up a long amount of time if they go to trial. However, settlements are conducted outside of the courtroom. They can take place whenever the plaintiff and the defendant are available. If both parties can free up their schedules for a mediation session, a settlement could be reached in a few weeks after an accident, or a few days after discussions first begin.

On top of this, you get to have your privacy. Anything that happens in the courtroom will end up in public records. There are a number of reasons why both you and the defendant would want to keep your privacy regarding the case. When discussing your settlement in a conference room, everything is private. There is no reason to reveal what transpires to the public. Many settlements even have a clause that requires all parties to take reasonable steps to keep the matter confidential.

No Appeals

If your case goes to court and you win, it’s possible that your case doesn’t end there. The defendant may have the right to appeal the court’s decision. That means even more time will be spent in the courtroom, and you’ll have to wait even longer to get the money you deserve. In a settlement, once all the paperwork is signed and agreed to, it is official and finalized. Once your case is settled, the defendant cannot have a sudden change of heart and back out of giving you what they owe you. Having the knowledge your case is officially over can give you immediate peace of mind in knowing that all you have to focus on now is recovering.

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