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Amazon Accused of Negligence, Again

The online retail giant Amazon, is facing accusations of negligence, fraud, and misrepresentation. Great Northern Insurance Co. is suing the retailer after one of the popular hoverboards sold on their site combusted. According to the suit, Great Northern Insurance had to pay out $3.8 million to one of their customers. The customers were a family who purchased the product, and it later caught on fire and damaged their home extensively. Apparently, the manufacturer used counterfeit Samsung batteries to power the product. Amazon is accused of knowingly advertising the product to have real Samsung batteries. The suit goes on to claim that Amazon did not place any warnings on the product or on the advertising for the product, despite knowing the products possible defects and tendency to explode.

Amazon’s defense

Amazon has fought against these claims in court. They have claimed that Great Northern couldn’t show proof that the retailer kept the products faults quiet. However, the judge disagreed. It was shown in court that Amazon aggressively marketed the product as having a Samsung battier in order to boost holiday sales. Amazon goes on to claim that the insurance company can not prove that people relied on Amazon for accurate information on the product. Obviously, the Judge rejected that too. Since the family affected bought the product on Amazon, it’s fair to assume they relied on the company to supply information on the product. It looks like the companies’ failure to warn consumers of possible defects is catching up with them.

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