Seeking The Justice You Deserve In Texas Truck Accident Claims

The trucking industry is an important part of the American economy, although sometimes a deadly one. Semitrucks transport a large variety of goods across the North American continent, saving many companies money and driving down costs for consumers. Their size allows them to carry large amounts of materials in an effective way, and their power allows them to do so quickly. Unfortunately, these same beneficial qualities pose a threat to the motorists they share the road with.

Truck drivers are not only carrying important cargo, they are also operating very powerful machines. These machines require careful attention and maintenance so that it can be sure they are in proper order. Simple maintenance steps such as checking the brakes and tires have to be completed, or they risk extreme danger to the motorist driving the smaller vehicles around them.

  • Runaway trailers
  • Faulty brake lights
  • Faulty side reflectors
  • Brake failure
  • Driver fatigue
  • Road conditions
  • DUI

Throughout Texas, trucks are being driven on highways and local roads. Their drivers are traveling both across the country and within the state. Many of the drivers are traveling overnight without much rest. A combination of their fatigue and poorly lit conditions make it the perfect scenario for a devastating accident.

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Other Causes Of Serious Accidents

Driver fatigue is just one reason why a truck driving accident might occur, but there are others. While there are many reasons why a truck might become involved in an accident, there is often only one result. The majority of accidents involving large trucks will occur with smaller vehicles such as an automobile or motorcycle and cause an injury. Even worse, many times, because of the size of the truck and the amount of blind spots a truck has, drivers are not aware that they have damaged a smaller vehicle.

Because of the amount of damage that can easily occur from a truck accident, it is very likely that injuries from it will be serious. In the state of Texas, injuries from accidents with trucks can be due to the negligence of the truck's owner and/or the company they were delivering for. Proving this, however, can be difficult — especially when the driver has the legal team of the company they work for on their side. If you need a strong trucking injury attorney in the San Antonio or Brownsville area, look no further.

How An Attorney Can Help

A skilled truck accident attorney knows how to collect the evidence that would establish who is actually liable for the accident. They will be prepared to work with the legal team of the trucking company to get you the compensation you deserve. They are familiar with trucking laws and regulations, and are ready to use that knowledge to support your claim.

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