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$2.1M Awarded For Wrongful Death

A Houston based oilfield company is to pay $2.1 Million to end a criminal case brought against them. A division of C&J Energy Services Inc. was accused of contributing to a worker’s death by ignoring OSHA and workplace safety regulations. C&J will be paying a half-million-dollar fine to the government. The remaining $1.6 million will be given to the estate of Dustin Payne for his wrongful death.

Dustin Payne was a Veteran of the Marine core and worked as a welder on an oil field. He was killed in 2014 at the age of 28 during a welding accident. As part of the agreement, C&P admitted to not following workplace regulations. They also agreed to cooperate in the ongoing investigation of Payne’s wrongful death, and are required to have a three year probation period. During this period, OSHA can inspect the worksite and demand employee documents when needed. This is all in an effort to force the company to be more compliant with workplace safety.

The incident happened when a now-defunct division of C&P hired two welders to keep up with contract demands. These welders, which included Payne, had little to no experience welding. The company failed to provide any training or even basic safety manuals. On top of this, they had no one to inspect tankers before welders started working on them. This carelessness climaxed when Payne went to work on a leaking tanker. The tanker was not properly cleaned before Payne started his work. Flammable materials were still present in the tanker as Payne struck his welding torch. Once struck, the vapors combusted and exploded the tanker, leaving Payne fatally injured. He died 3 days after the accident.

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