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Women Awarded $56 Million in Malpractice Case

Earlier this month, a New York jury awarded a woman almost $56 million for her medical malpractice case. The woman, Patricia Jones, and her husband claim that after a botched spinal surgery, she was left, a quadriplegic. After suffering from odd tingling and pain in her arms, Mrs. Jones underwent surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital. During the surgery, a piece of fractured bone was embedded in the covering of her spinal cord. This caused a contusion to the cord and left Mrs. Jones, a quadriplegic.

How Did This Happen?

According to Jones’s attorney, When the surgeons opened her neck to operate, they found that several cords have been damaged. Despite knowing of this injury, they continued to operate anyway. The doctors apparently did not tell anyone about this complication. After the surgery, Mrs. Jones’s blood pressure dropped drastically, and then she was left paralyzed. No one ordered a CAT scan until three hours later. The neurosurgeons then told Jones that her spine suffered a stroke. However, there was no stroke. There was an epidural hematoma, that could have been removed to relieve Jones’s paralysis. Due to the misdiagnoses, Mrs. Jones and now completely paralyzed.

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