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Will My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Winter Storm Damages?

The damages caused by the winter storm that happened earlier this month left homeowners with major property damages. Some news outlets are reporting more than $20 billion in property damages. Most Texans have never had to file a claim because of massive amounts of snow and ice, so naturally, many people have questions on what is covered. Of course, you’ll have to check your policy for your specific coverage, but here are a few commonly asked questions.

Making Repairs

Generally, it’s okay to make some temporary repairs. If you have holes in your roof or have broken pipes, naturally you would want to prevent further damage. However, don’t make permanent repairs. Speak to your insurance company before you do any permanent repairs. Your policy should pay for labor and materials, but take pictures before doing any kind of work.

What is Covered?

One of the most common damages from the storm is burst pipes from freezing temperatures. Most insurance policies will cover the damage done to your house caused by frozen pipes. However, there may be limitations. Many people also tried to get a hotel during the power outage. If your house wasn’t damaged, and you stayed in a hotel, your policy will more than likely not cover your stay. However, if damages to your house forced you to stay at a hotel, your stay may be covered.

If your house was damaged from the weight of snow and ice, your insurance policy will cover the costs of the damages in most cases. However, if something like your fence or patio was damaged, your policy might not cover it. You’ll have to review your policy and talk to an agent, or a lawyer to see what and what isn’t covered. The same can apply to fallen trees. If a tree damaged your roof, your policy will more than likely cover the damages. However, the issue of what is and isn’t cover becomes more complicated if the damage wasn’t directly done to your home. If you know your damages are covered, and your insurance company doesn’t want to pay you what you deserve, contact a lawyer. Insurance companies are obligated to cover the costs of repair to the property they cover under the policy you pay for.

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