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Why Holiday Driving Is So Dangerous

Everyone seems to hop in their cars or grab a plane ticket during the holidays seasons. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Fourth of July or Christmas, people want to go visit their relatives and share the time with people they love. Keep in mind that San Antonio traffic picks up during these celebratory times, and you need to keep an extra eye out to protect you and your family. There is no guarantee that you can completely prevent all of the problems that occur on the roads during the holidays, but if you understand exactly what types of threats are looming around the corner you can stay more cautious, and keep everyone safe in case someone else is driving poorly.

There are plenty of reasons why driving during the holidays is dangerous, but lets take a look at some of the more common reasons.

There Are More Vehicles On The Road

This is a simple numbers game. Since there are more cars on the road you can only assume that there will be more accidents. More people are zooming through redlights to make it to dinner on time, more people are developing road rage and more people are stressing out about what they are going to say to their relatives instead of paying attention to the road.

Some People Might Drink and Drive During the Holidays

Let’s face it, people like to drink on the holidays. This is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a car, but there is a much better chance of someone doing it on a holiday. People go to parties and don’t have a care in the world, and then they forget about how much they drank and head on home. Some people might even be drinking away their sorrows at a bar during the holidays, making them particularly dangerous to get behind a wheel.

People are Fatigued the Holidays

When you go and spend hours or days with family members you might not get as much sleep as you need. This causes people to get behind the wheel of a car without thinking about the chance of them falling asleep. There are also plenty of workers who need to work long hours during the holiday seasons, causing them to fall asleep after heading home from a long shift. Always keep in mind that sleepy drivers are on the road during the holidays.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about staying safe during the holidays. Are there other reasons driving during the holidays becomes more dangerous? Let us know in the comments section if you have ever been in a car accident during the holidays. How did you respond?

The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers is here to remind you to stay safe out there on the roads. Be careful and remember our car accident tips in case someone rear ends you on the slick roads or causes a fender bender in the crowded mall parking lots. If you run into an accident this holiday season, our San Antonio car accident attorneys are here to help you with a free case review.

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