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What To Tell Lawyer After Slip and Fall Accident

May 16, 2014

Let’s say that you went out to a restaurant for a nice dinner with your family and friends in San Antonio. Maybe you are celebrating special occasion or you just want to treat the ones you love to a nice night out on the town. You walk to the bathroom, past the kitchen, and slip on some grease that was lying on the floor. You end up injuring your neck or breaking an arm and then you have to go to the emergency room to get it fixed. These damages cost money and force you to live with an injury that might not even completely heal.

The best course of action for slip and fall accident is to contact a lawyer to receive as much compensation as you can for the accident. But what should you tell your lawyer if you are in a slip and fall accident?

Let’s explore some of the things that you should tell and show your lawyer if you or someone you know is in a slip and fall accident.

Show Them The Injuries That Occur because of the Accident

If you broke your arm or receive some bruises from the slip and fall accident then you should always show this to your lawyer. Even if the injuries have healed then you should provide pictures that detail exactly what type of injuries occurred because of the incident. These photos allow your lawyer some leverage when arguing the case against another party or to a judge. They create sympathy and generates a true image of what happened because of someone else’s negligence.

Explain your Medical Bills and Give Them Hard Copies

If you had to go to the hospital in order to repair a broken bone or get your head checked out because of a slip and fall accident then you need to present these medical bills to your lawyer. This gives them a benchmark so they can figure out exactly how much money you should receive because of the accident. Talk about your medical bills with the lawyer and explain every procedure that occurred after the accident happened. There could always be some hidden costs that you might need to be compensated for.

Tell Them About The Entire Situation

Set the scene for your lawyer by explaining the place you were at when you slipped and fell. Talk about the organization that you would like to sue, and proceed by outlining what occurred at the scene of the crime. Who was with you? Were there any other witnesses at the location? Were you simply walking and minding your own business, or was there a reason that you slipped and fell?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you or someone you know has been in a slip and fall accident. Explain how you responded to the slip and fall accident, and if you contact a lawyer immediately after the incident. What advice would you give to people who might experience an accident like this in the future? Is there anything else you would’ve told your lawyer if you have a second chance?

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