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What to Expect During Our Free Case Consultation

When you’ve been hurt due to the negligence of someone else, you may be confused as to what to do next. You may be faced with recuperating physically, dealing with missing work, and watching expenses pile up. If you’re in this situation, you need a free case consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney like The Law Giant.

Contacting The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers for a free case consultation should be one of your first steps after your emergency health needs are met. It’s important because insurance companies and their lawyers may try to get you to settle your legal claims for less than you deserve. They might try a “friendly” approach to get you to make admissions that aren’t in your interest. By determining if you need legal representation, you can protect your right to compensation.

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Preparing for Your Appointment

After calling to schedule your free case consultation, you may need to gather some information for our personal injury attorneys. The more information you can provide about your accident, your injuries, and the effect it had on you and your family’s lives, the better we can assess your possible claims.

If possible, bring to your appointment with us:

  • An accident report
  • Any pictures or videos of damage (even if you have settled the property damage portion of your claim, seeing the wreckage or accident site may be evidence demonstrating the seriousness of your injuries)
  • Your medical records detailing your injuries
  • Witness contact information
  • Records of financial expenses and losses
  • Income statements or pay stubs
  • Communication from other parties, defense counsel
  • Communications from your or other party’s insurance company

Don’t worry if at this point you don’t have some of these items. If we take your case, we can get much of the records through direct requests or via an evidence-gathering device called “discovery.”

Meeting with Us

When you meet with us, one of our personal injury attorneys will ask you questions about your accident, including when, where, and how it happened. In addition, you’ll be asked about your injuries. You should be completely candid and honest. Your answers are confidential even if we don’t undertake your representation. We’ll ask for any documentation that you brought so that we can review it.

Through asking questions and reviewing your documentation, we can evaluate your potential case and advise if we think you have a legal claim worth pursuing. If you do, we will explain to you what claims you have, possible compensation, and how your claim can be pursued.

If you decide to hire us, we will share with the insurance companies or the other party’s attorney that you are represented and all future contact regarding this matter must be through us. After that, we will gather additional facts, records, and witness statements. Efforts will be made to settle your case without resorting to a lawsuit, but if we must protect your interests by filing suit, we will do so with your consent. Our goal is to be your zealous advocate and protect your rights.

Contact Us for a Free Case Consultation

Dealing with the aftermath of being hurt because of someone else’s actions can be difficult. You may be in pain from physical injuries, be concerned about getting back to work, and be under considerable financial stress. You could be inundated with calls and correspondence from the other party, defense attorneys, or the opposing insurance company. We can help with a free case consultation to determine if you may be eligible for compensation for your damages. Our personal injury attorneys are conveniently located at offices in Brownsville, Laredo, McAllen, and San Antonio. Contact us today for your free case consultation by calling 866-523-4167.

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